10 Instagrammers to Follow this Ramadan


Every year in the month of Ramadan Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, a month during which spiritual needs are given greater importance than physical ones. This Ramadan we invite you to meet and follow some incredible women who are inspiring and remind us of the value of a positive community.

We wish all those observing Ramadan a happy, blessed month.


Image Source: @zallibhai

This fitness expert is always upbeat and always practical in her fitness tips. City viewers may recognize her from her appearances on Cityline. Mama to two, well three if you count the newest addition to their family, a precious little kitten, Zehra’s insta stories & posts will keep you smiling and going all Ramadan long.


Image Source: @NutritionByNaz

This positive nutritionist is going to keep you on track for your Ramadan goals. She has two little ones and keeps it real – and you in check. Her Muslimah Meal Plan and 30 Day Ramadan Plan’s have gained immense popularity and rave reviews. They can be purchased here. She has recently been published in Self and Canadian Living. Follow this hardworking mama for lots of good vibes and tips!


Image Source: @Sidraandco

This talented lady seems to do it all with an honest grace that is admirable. Her photography is astounding and we love the clean modern aesthetic of the goods in her Etsy store. She is also currently spearheading an Eid Card Chain that makes us happy!


Image Source:@happilyhafsa

Speaking of Happy, Happily Hafsa, formerly known as the Mindful Glutton is a lady with a plan and it includes compassion, honesty, and a straightforward nature that is hard to not love. She will share her joy over this holy month with the same honesty that she shares her post iftar slump. We love how she keeps it real and her arsenal of Instant Pot and Salad recipes!


Image Source: @SalamSudduf

A Boss Biz Lady to be reckoned with, this passionate energetic mama of triplets (yes we said triplets!) by all rights ought to be recovering from the wonderful @ramadanmarket that was held in Toronto. Instead she is back at work, sharing her great ideas and motivating us whenever and however possible. We look forward to seeing more great things! Also, how much do we love that her business model is #CollaborationOverCompetition?


Image Source: @UrduMom

We have such a soft spot for this lovely lady. She is all sweetness and charm and this Ramadan (or Ramzan as we like to call it) she’s already started by sharing her tips for making Ramzan special for the little ones. Follow along for more great ideas from this creative maven.


Image Source: @KashmiriFoodie

We will forever think of Tabassum Wyne as the woman whose Koftai recipe went viral and started showing up in instastories everywhere! She is another mama to two, an enthusiastic cook who makes easy delicious meals, has great advice about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and some of our favourite coffee mugs 🙂


Image Source: @ZairZabrPlay

Hira from Zair Zabr Play is the answer to many mamas prayers. If you are struggling with how to teach your kids religion in a natural fun way then check out Zair Zabr Play for tons of great ideas! We love her products and her DIY ideas in equal measure!


Image Source: @Sumaira.Z

Sumaira Zaheer is a deeply religious, serene mama of the adorable children you see above. As a Muslimah mother is is important her to bring the joy of Ramadan into their lives. Follow along to see how she does that – and don’t worry, she is also from the keeping it real club!


Image Source: @Kaifoom

This talented pastry chef has an insta style which is dreamy and uniquely her. Every Ramadan she shares about her fasting journey and what she eats in #myiftarplate. Follow along for your daily dose of beauty and food envy 😉

What do you think? Have we left of some of your favourites? Let us know!