10 Pakistani Dramas to Binge Watch this Weekend


The Pakistani drama industry has been producing great dramas with engaging stories, strong dialogues, and beautiful cast members for decades. Recently they have gained a huge international following due to their presence on international channels, YouTube and now Netflix!

I have been an avid drama watcher since I was a kid. Now that I live in Canada, I watch the dramas because the language is beautiful and they remind me of home. Here are my recommendations of 10 Pakistani Dramas to binge watch this weekend:


The magic of Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan together created a sizzling chemistry on screen. This combined with a haunting sound track, amazing direction, and an engaging story made Humsafar the classic that it is.

Watch on YouTube or Netflix.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Zindagi Gulzar Hai is another hit drama with Fawad Khan in the lead. The story is simple but raises many important social issues like the value of the girl child in some South Asian cultures, challenges working women face, and respect within a marriage. Fawad Khan is his usual charming self. Total winner.

Watch on YouTube or Netflix.


Kankar is the story of a brave girl Kiran (played by Sanam Baloch) who stands up to domestic abuse within a marriage and for her rights. The drama highlights how divorce is viewed in conservative South Asian societies and has some beautiful messages of women empowerment and self-respect.

Watch on YouTube.


This masterpiece by the ace director Mehreen Jabbar is set in New York city and follows the lives of four people whose lives are tangled in webs of love, friendship, guilt and regret. Sarwat Gilani shines as the immature Mahi, Faisal Qureshi does justice to his role as the confused Danish and Deepti Gupta wins hearts with her graceful portrayal of Mahi. Imran Abbas as Jawad has a refreshing role that he does full justice to. The soundtrack is beautiful and you will be humming it for many days!

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When Mehreen Jabbar and Umera Ahmed get together as Director and Writer the result is pure magic like Daam. This story explores friendship complicated by poverty, jealousy and ambition. The soundtrack by Zeb and Haniya compliments the story perfectly.

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Diyar-e-Dil is an inter-generational story of family love and loyalty set in the beautiful northern areas of Pakistan. The cast will soon feel like your own family as you will find yourself smiling, crying and laughing with them. I definitely wouldn’t mind a grandfather like Agha Jaan (played by Abid Ali).

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Durreshahwar is the story of a woman who gains wisdom and grace through the trials of life and passes on the lessons to her daughter by sharing her story. The bond between Durreshahwar and her father is beautifully depicted. This story takes the viewers to a different era but connects the lessons to life in the present day.

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Image source: Lahori Craze


Once you start this drama , it’s difficult to pause as we watch the love story of Umer (played by Humayun Saeed) and Sarah (played by Sonia Rehman) unfold, complicated by Shahla (played by Sanam Baloch) who is brilliant in a negative role. Mehreen Jabbar directs Umera Ahmed’s story to perfection and you will be glued till the end. I know I was.

Watch on YouTube.

Mohabbat Ab Nahi Ho Ge

This is a very simple story made a must-watch by the beautiful cast, lovely setting in Islamabad and great acting. All the characters are relatable and you might feel you know a few in real life. The story makes you laugh, gasp and smile, all thorough entertainment.

Watch on YouTube.



Love seldom gets as complicated as it does in Alvida. Imran Abbas and Sanam Jung supported by an amazing cast keep viewers guessing about the next turn in the story. A romantic thriller, if there was ever such a category!

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Hope you enjoy these dramas! Do let me know what you think of them!