3 Simple Mascara Hacks


The other day I was at Old Navy and spotted a tee shirt that said; Mascara & Coffee. Are you kidding me Old Navy? Every desi girl knows, it’s all about Mascara & Chai 🙂 These are the things that get you through a tough day! Since I love me some mascara, and rarely go a day without it, I thought it was time I let you in on my tips & tricks for getting a flawless, clumpless look in 30 seconds flat. mascara-hacks2

  1. Never pump air into your mascara tube.
    You know that motion where you pull the wand in and out of the tube? The back and forth motion actually pumps air into the tube and dries out your mascara faster, and it damages the bristles on the brush. Just pull it out in one clean line. If it comes out without mascara on the brush, it’s time for a new tube.

  2. Dab your mascara wand before you apply.
    When you pull the wand out, don’t scrape the excess mascara on the rim of the tube – again you are breaking and bending the bristles. Lightly dab on a paper towel. This removes the excess product and prevents clumps. 
  3. Turn your brush for the outer and inner corners.
    This one is a bit awkward, but it really helps. If you turn the brush on the corners they’ll curl up and, the lashes won’t stick together.
  4. Bonus Tip: Heat your eyelash curler
    If you use an eyelash curler, give it a quick hit of heat with your blow dryer before you curl. Somehow this little bit of heat helps the mascara flow more smoothly!

If you start practicing these tips now, you’ll be totally ready for summer wedding season!



Raj is an editor at The South Asian Buzz, and the Director of Brand Relations at The South Asian Bloggers Network. She loves to test new recipes, take on over-ambitious home decor projects, and read everything she can get her hands on.