4 Small Steps To A Healthier Family Life


It’s been a little while now since we all set our resolutions and intentions for the new year. Most of us have made them for ourselves and our family to help transform our life. This is the time of year that people try so hard to change old habits and adopt new amazing ones to lead happier, healthier lives. After years of making resolutions, and keeping a few and missing the rest I’ve realized the secret to findin success is “simplicity.”

4 Small Steps To A Healthier Family Life

Start with the centre of your home – the kitchen.

Switch to more wholesome pasta

Food manufacturers are starting to give us amazing options for this ordinary food. The revolution started with whole wheat and whole grain and now there are quinoa, sprouts, corn and even gluten-free flours that are made into pasta. Much of this this variety is not only delicious, it’s better for your family’s overall health. And as far as picky eaters go – give them a chance. My kids have tried many of these non-traditional pastas and they have either not noticed the difference or they LOVE it.

Eat more plant-based foods

My family and I have already adopted #MeatfreeMondays with an unexpected fervour including my very own very carnivorous husband. In the New Year I’m extending this to more days and more meals. Not only is eating more plant-based foods better for the environment it is also better for our bodies. Win! Win!

Add more yoghurt to your diet

Yoghurt or dahi is already an important part of the South Asian diet. It helps to cool the palate after a bite of that spicy seekh kebab. Research has also proven yoghurt to be chock full of health benefits that are important in helping us maintain strong bodies. It is also a valuable source of animal protein if you’re weaning back from eating meat. The other great ingredient in yoghurt is probiotics – millions and millions of healthy bacteria that boosts our immunity by increasing our resistance to infection.

Leave the car at home

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I thought it was too until I realized I was the biggest culprit in my family. We live in a community where a lot of conveniences are within a 10-15 min walk. My husband takes public transit to work. And since I am juggling everyone’s activities and managing pick-ups I’m also the one running late. And when I’m late I drive. So this New Year my resolution is to walk with my kids and the car remains in the garage.

I’ll let you know how that goes!

Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma is a blogger, marketer and mom of two. She writes about family food and wellness, and how to make every day enjoyable, healthy, and delicious, all with a multicultural flair. Her blog, MapleandMarigold.com is her love letter to her life and travels, maple represents Canada, and marigold, with it’s colour and significance in Indian traditions, represents her Indian roots.