DIY Mini Aquarium for Kids


Who likes doing crafts with the kids? If you do, then you’ll love this DIY Mini Aquarium for the kids. If you don’t then you’ll still love it because it’s simple enough for the kid’s to do on their own. All you need is to get them the supplies.

This Mini Aquarium, is perfect for the kids to put in their room, especially if you don’t think they are ready for their own little fish or turtle. (Or realistically, you as a caregiver don’t really want something else to take care of.)

DIY Mini Aquarium

What you will need:
– Sand, gravel or small colourful rocks
– Sea shells
– Sea plant
– Marbles
– Sea creatures (we actually looked through a box of toys and picked up a bunch of sea animals from there.)
– blue food coloring
– A wide-mouth jar or vase
(We got a lot of the stuff we used from the dollar store and/or the pet store.

1. Fill your vase a couple of inches high with the sand, gravel and/or rocks to make a base. (If you are using a sea plant, anchor it to the bottom before piling on the sand and gravel to make sure it’s steady.)

2. Then you can use all your other supplies like the sea shells, stars, marbles and sea creatures to create a beautiful aquarium

3. Fill a jug with water. Add 1-2 drops of blue food colouring and mix it together. You don’t want the water to get too dark because then you won’t be able to see your creation inside.

4. Pour in the blue water filling your jar or vase about 3/4 of the way.

5. That’s it, it’s done. Put it somewhere where everyone can enjoy looking at it. Remember to refill the water if it evaporates and give it a good cleaning a few times a year. The cleaning can be a project for the kids too.

Then just enjoy your your simple, DIY mini aquarium.

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