Fun & Easy Ideas for Celebrating Holi!


As a kid I was a huge Bollywood buff. I still love the movies, but I certainly don’t devote as much time to knowing every new release, and the lyrics to every single song ever made anymore! One thing that I’m always interested in though is Holi songs.

I remember watching Holi songs from movies like Sholay and Silsila and wishing I could play Holi in my backyard when I was a kid. Sadly, my family didn’t really celebrate Holi and it ended up being a bit of a pipe dream. Now that I’m all grown-up and have a family of my own, we try to incorporate a little Holi fun into our lives.

This year, we had the opportunity to partner up with Chai Moments to bring the colours and fun of the Holi festival to our family and friends. The challenge was finding ways to #makeitcolorful this Holi season, and I was game.

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for some Holi fun this weekend, here are some ideas:

  1. Make Splatter Art with Your Kids
    The closest thing to playing Holi (with minimal mess involved) is splatter painting. You are basically throwing colour, but instead of throwing it at each other, it’s hitting a piece of canvas. You can set up a splatter art station in your backyard, or book a family class at a local art studio. Salma has some great ideas for planning a craft night on her blog.
  2. Watch a Hindi Movie (or have a Bollywood Movie Marathon!)
    Nothing beats a back to back Bollywood movie marathon. To add some Holi flavours try serving some Chai Moments, paired with Indian sweets like gujiya and jalebi. 
  3. Make a Thandai Inspired Recipe
    Thandhai is the drink of Holi, but back home it is often spiked! An authentic thandhai takes quite a few ingredients, however, a quick google search pulls up a variety of ideas for thandai inspired cupcakes, mouse, and other sweet treats. Bring a bit of Holi to your dinner table, try a fusion recipe.
  4. Visit the Local Mandir for Holi Celebrations
    Look up your local Mandir, they are most likely having a Holi celebration this weekend. Why not join in the festivities?
  5. Finger Painting
    If your kids have outgrown the toddler age like mine, it might have been a while since you did a finger painting project. It’s a fun and relaxing way to spend the afternoon, and you might just create a piece of art to hang in your house!
  6. Paint a Room in Your House
    I know this sounds like work disguised as fun, but what better excuse to paint an accent wall in a bright colour than – Holi Hai!
  7. Try a Tie Dye Project
    Pick up some white t-shirts and a tye-dye kit at your local art supply store and go crazy!
     If you haven’t tried a tye-dye project before, there are lots of great tips and hints over on the website.

    This post was brought to you in partnership with Chai Moments from Tea India. We love the convenience of these instant chai lattes for busy work days and while travelling. To learn more about Tea India and Chai Moments, you can connect with them on Instagram

Raj is an editor at The South Asian Buzz, and the Director of Brand Relations at The South Asian Bloggers Network. She loves to test new recipes, take on over-ambitious home decor projects, and read everything she can get her hands on.