DIY Desi Easter Eggs!


Easter is around the corner and I wanted to put a Desi spin on our Easter eggs. I’ve always loved Decoupage and thought I could fuse the two in a fun way! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Decoupage, it’s the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper or other decorative accents.

DIY Desi Easter Eggs

For my eggs, I decided to use a block print to give it that floral motif that is so loved around the world! I used a block print stamp which I had purchased on a previous trip to India but you can easily find them on Etsy or Michaels too. I had colored paper napkins around the house which you can find anywhere- from your local grocery store to the dollar store. If the steps above are too tedious you can purchase printed napkins too! The glue I used is Mod Podge because it leaves a clear coat when it dries.

For my Easter eggs, I bought a mixed bag at Target. Since this was going to be for an almost 3-year-old, I wanted something that didn’t need to be handled with care. But, you can definitely blow out your eggs too and this tutorial is very handy!

So first and foremost fill your eggs with goodies and toys before you start to decoupage. You won’t have the opportunity later since you will be gluing them shut! But don’t worry once they dry they open really easily! I filled ours with little Reese’s Pieces Pastel Easter Eggs.

I stamped my tissue paper and cut out the floral motifs so they would sit nicely on the egg.  Once you have it placed you can apply the Mod Podge with a brush. Leave it aside to dry, preferably overnight. Now I must warn you since the tissue is very thin you will get wrinkles so don’t worry about it. Personally, I think they look charming!

I love how these turned out and I am excited to hide the Easter eggs around the house for little Armaan! I hope your easter is colorful and filled with lots of laughs and plenty of chocolate!

All photos by Jenifer Michelle Photography

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