National Siblings Day – April 10


Being born in a family is not a self-realized choice available to any one of us in this world. It is for sure the plans of the creator to pick and choose which family to give us to. While parents become the nourishing hand from the day we are born, siblings are the automatic frenemy that we inherit!

Growing up in a Desi household, I soon learned that not being the first born meant that my Big bhaiya can claim that I was picked up from the dumpster! He would tell me tales of my ugliness and crying habbits, with stories of how the Garbage Bin was the place of origin for me. Of course, coming from someone who taught me the wonders of opening the door to a fridge to get food, and how turning a tap rains heavy water.. who was I to question my Bhai Jaan? … Fast forward, I did the same drill with my lil bro, so all hisab ba-ra-bar (All was fair in sibling rivalry)

My childhood would have been so boring like a black and white movie, without the many entertaining yet disastrous escapades that we siblings went on. Of course all the blame was on the head of the youngest. Na.. we two elders had no remorse.. as somehow being the baby of the house (even now at being 28!!!), he got away by being the ladla !(pampered one)

The Bollywood song ‘Pholon Ka Taroon Ka’ was always the perfect soundtrack to our life.. as I was the only sister with two brothers. Thankfully my mom did not produce more kids, or we would have lost our OST!

I think the best memories for us came from our own ‘Game of Thrones’! My big brother leaving a gift of a dead cockroach in my pencil case to be opened in school… to my annoying the heck out of his mind to spend all his pocket money on buying me stuff! The little brother was just amused by our continuous bickering yet unflattened sibling affection at the same time.

Thanks to the wonders of Youtube-land, I feel that this video I came across online, perfectly explains all bhaiya-behan relationships….

Now that we are all grown up, I feel that as siblings we have grown more understanding about why the upar wala made us part of this family! If I didn’t have my two brothers, I wouldn’t have become who I am. Being the choti behan to one brother, and the bari Appa to my younger brother, I have realized that yes, siblings are surely a gift from the lord! So when I learned that there is actually an ‘International Siblings Day’ celebrated in USA… why not take that occasion to call up your own siblings and connect!!

What are you waiting for? Go and call them na!