5 Indian Superstitions

indian superstitions

A superstition is something that is widely believed, but may not have a justifiable cause. There is no specific reason as to why some people believe in some superstitions. Perhaps, for some people, it may not even be a superstition, but just a faith based belief. One way to look at these is perhaps people want to believe that everything in life is not in their control. Sometimes, the belief in superstitions is associated with a non-belief in science. But there are quite a few (surely not all) where a logical or scientific reasoning exists behind the superstitions. While there are some superstitions followed in many countries and cultures, here are five common Indian Superstitions.

  1. Eye Twitching

In simple science, eye twitching is an involuntary muscular action of the eye lids. It is believed in many cultures of the world that eye twitching brings good luck. Oh! there is a catch here. Twitching of the right eye brings good luck to a man and the left eye to the woman. Some cultures not only believe in the opposite but also believes that the twitching of the other eye indicates bad luck too.

2. Cutting Nails in the night

Raise your hands if you remember to cut your nails only in the night! (Oh! I see some) It is believed that clipping finger nails in the night is not a good sign for the prosperity of the home. This is probably one of the most commonly believed superstitions across cultures but one of the few superstitions I believe has some logic to it and absolutely harmless to follow. By clipping nails in day light, we could avoid the nail pieces scattering and thus maintaining hygiene at home!

3. Sneeze when stepping out

Haaachhhii….. sorry had to take a break before i move on! 🙂 It is believed that a sneeze by anyone around before heading out or starting something new is not a good sign. So, if someone sneezes, the person is asked to wash his hands and feet, drink water, sit down for a while and then leave the house or start the work! (Oops, I missed my bus! Grrrr)

4. Hiccups 

Superstitions are not always about bad luck. There are some with good luck too! It is believed that when a person has continuous hiccups, it means that someone very close to them are remembering them fondly. I love to believe in this and think that my loved ones are thinking of me (Who would that be for you?)

indian superstitions

5. Passing Black Cat

This is one of the oldest superstitions followed in many parts of the world. It is believed that if a black cat passes by, it is a sign of bad luck or that the day’s event gets delayed. Oh dear black cat!! I have always failed to understand the reason or the logic (if any) for why cat and why black?!

Like many from my generation or before, I grew up seeing and practicing some of these superstitions. As my reasoning brain started working, I started to question them trying to find out the rationale for I believe there could be some reason for age old beliefs. It all rolls down to whether the reason is logical and holds good in the current times.

So what were some superstitions you grew up with?