Meet Raj Thandhi!


Hello to our amazing readers! Today (October 12th) is Raj Thandi’s birthday. Raj Thandhi is one of the Founders and the Style Editor here at the South Asian Buzz and her warm energy makes her magically soothing and energising all at the same time! We, at the South Asian Buzz wanted you to see what this super woman does in a day. Watch the video to get an idea of what goes on in the busy world of Raj Thandhi.

Want more Raj?

Check out her blog Pink Chai Living for a wide variety of articles on food, style, parenting, crafts, and celebrating in style.



Sarah Mir is a Pakistani origin Bakeaholic Mama of Two making her way through a delicious life in Toronto. Her goals include mastering her mamas recipes, travelling, raising incredible human beings, and eating as much as possible while still being able to fit into her pants.