Trust No Aunty: Book Review & Giveaway

Trust No Aunty - Book Review
Overall Rating for Trust No Aunty: 4 out of 5 stars

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trust no aunty book review

Trust No Aunty is the first book by Maria Qamar of Hatecopy a popular instagram account and website. Her provocative illustrations capture her experience and interpretation of desi (South Asian) culture. A Torontonian who moved to Canada in 2000, Maria describes her origins as “half Bihari half Gujarati by way of Bangladesh but located in Pakistan” and it’s this confluence of cultural experiences that shapes her, along with what we suspect is considerable natural grit.

Well that, and them aunties.

trust no aunty book review

Who are these aunties you may ask? According to Maria “they are at family parties or friendly get-togethers with your mother, finding ways to make your life difficult, trying to get you married to their sons, and telling you to lose weight while simultaneously trying to feed you a second dinner.”

Sound familiar?
trust no aunty book review

Trust No Aunty reads like a desi girls survival guide with a strong emphasis on the different types of aunties you encounter. Maria Qamar’s mission in this book seems to be to tell you how to handle aunties, and life; Like a boss.

We are not being figurative here. In this book she introduces us to different kinds of aunties and tells us how to handle it like a rookie (guilty every time *sigh*) or like a boss (#goals). Interspersed with this advice are some key life lessons – how to make daal because well, it’s daal and it’s the best, how to tie a saree, and how to make “Kheer Zara” a kheer made with chia seeds which we can totally have for breakfast.

trust no aunty book reviewThe Verdict: 
This wickedly hilarious book with it’s tongue in cheek humor and confessions that would make many desi aunties reach for a chappal was a far more entertaining read than expected. We were hesitant about how Hatecopy’s illustrations would translate into a “real book”. Would it feel like an Instagram compilation? Would we want to flip through it and put it down?

Turns out the answer is neither, because this book works.

Here is why: there is an inherent honesty to her writing. Her search for a career, the evading of marry this boy and that, fielding hurtful comments with bravado, all of these experiences are fleshed out. Her illustrations are always hilarious, but the accompanying writing makes an impression. It gives weight, where needed and that makes it really resonate for a Desi girl.

trust no aunty book review

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All the artwork featured is from Trust No Aunty. 

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  1. I follow hatecopy on insta…been following her work since she got Mindy-approved!! Haha .. cant wait to check her book out. Her illustrations are definitely on point.