3 Indian Fusion Styles You’ll Love


Living in the West but with family, roots and traditions from the East, life can be a big jumble of things – but in a good way, especially when it comes to style.

Fashions from both the East and the West are unique and plentiful. And when you put a little of both together, you can get a fabulous fusion look.

One blogger that does that really well is Surekha from Dreaming Loud. She has a passion and eye for fashion and loves incorporating ethnic pieces into western wear as a way to embrace the Indian in her. Today we are sharing 3 Indian Fusion Styles You’ll Love, from Surekha.

1. Sometimes it can be as simple as adding a handmade embroidered handbag to your outfit. These kinds of pieces are so versatile that they can go with any look whether casual or dressy.  This specific bag is from Tribe Azure and really reflects the Indian style and culture.

Photo Credit: Dreaming Loud

2. You don’t have to just shop at Indian boutiques to get that fusion look you are after. Surekha found a beautiful silk tunic and wide leg palazzo pants from Forever 21 for a more ethnic look. She added some gold jewelry and a belt for a modern and fabulous Indian Fusion look!

Indian fusion look
Photo Credit: Dreaming Loud

3. Harem pants are a favourite, not only because they look fabulous but they are comfortable too. Paired with a denim tunic, printed jacket and statement necklace, it’s the ultimate in Indian fusion fashion.

Photo Credit: Dreaming Loud
Photo Credit: Dreaming Loud