4 Ways to Give Your Outfit a Desi Look


We love South Asian style – hence, The South Asian Buzz.
Although there may be times when a full-on sari or salwar kameez may not be the right outfit, you can still add a little something to give your outfit a desi look and feel.

Here are four of our favourite, simple ways to make your outfit just a little more fabulous with an Indian touch.

1. Kajal
Kajal or Kohl is a traditional eye makeup that has been used in India for centuries. It may have started as a cultural tradition, but kajal has become popular everywhere. It’s usually applied on the lower part of the eyes and it give you a beautiful smoky and exotic look. Add it to your make-up routine to bring out your eyes and to give your look a desi touch. If you’re not sure how to apply it, here’s a great tutorial from Zuri:

2. Traditional Kurti with Modern Pants
A kurti, or what some would call a tunic, is a long shirt that originates in South Asian culture. It can be worn very traditionally or you can modernize it to wear in your everyday wardrobe. How you might ask? If you pair it with some leggings, skinny jeans or even leather jeggings, you will be looking desi fabulous!


3. Jhumka
Jhumka are traditional Indian earrings. They are usually large and come in so many beautiful styles. Add a pair of those to your jeans and t-shirt or dress and you’ll add just enough South Asian style.

Photo Source: Pink Chai Living
Photo Source: Pink Chai Living

3. Jodhpuri Pants
This is another fashion trend that comes from India and has been applied to western style. The  Jodhpuri pants have been around since the late 19th century and they were first brought into mainstream fashion by Coco Chanel. Today they can be seen in different colours and patterns for both men and women. Grab a pair and top it with one of your favourite fitted shirts for a fabulous fusion look!

Photo Source: Bagout.com/Jabong.com

Photo Source: Bagout.com/Jabong.com