5 Butter Chicken Recipes You Really Need to Try!


Butter Chicken is probably one of the most famous and popular dishes in many Indian restaurants. It’s so decadent, aromatic and delicious, so why not enjoy?

It’s also one of the most searched Indian food recipes. So since you all love it so much, then we decided to find 5 Butter Chicken Recipes You Need to Try!


You might be thinking five different butter chicken recipes? There is more than one way to make it? The answer is yes! All five of these recipes are unique and delicious.

1. Classic Butter Chicken
If you’re looking for a really authentic butter chicken recipe, with whipping cream and all, then you have to try this recipe from The Tiffin Box. Yes it’s a bit laborious, but it will be completely worth it in the end!

Photo Source: The Tiffin Box

2. 15-Minute Butter Chicken
If the classic is too much work for you and you want something quicker, we have that for you as well. This 15-Minute Butter Chicken recipe from Pink Chai Living will fill that butter chicken craving you have in a fraction of the time.

3. Utterly Butter-ly Butter Chicken
We found this recipe for butter chicken from Spice in the City. Her friends and family loved it so much and kept asking her how she made it. So, of course, a blog post was written for all to enjoy. And her version looks so delicious!

Photo Source: Spice in the City
Photo Source: Spice in the City

4. Low-Fat Butter Chicken
Sometimes people want to order butter chicken but make the choice not to because of the fat and calories. Well, guess what? Chocolate & Chillies has taken the original version of butter chicken and shows us how to adjust it to make it low fat. Tasty and waist-line friendly – sounds like a win-win situation.

5. Paleo Butter Chicken
Of course the list would not be complete without a recipe for Paleo Butter Chicken. The Primal Desire seems to have perfected it. Not only that, they came up with another recipe, a Paleo Vegan Butter Chicken recipe so that there is a butter chicken recipe for everyone to enjoy!

Paleo Butter Chicken
Photo Source: The Primal Desire