5 Desi Habits You Secretly Don’t Want to Give Up


We all have those little habits and superstitions that we learned from our parents and grandparents that just kind of stuck with with us. Whether they make sense or not, we still do them. Even if it annoyed us when our moms did it, now we are doing the same things and we can’t stop!

Here are 5 Desi Habits You Secretly Don’t Want to Give Up:

1. Arguing over the bill at restaurants.
How many times have you gone to a restaurant with family or friends and there are always two people who end up arguing over the bill? As a kid that was probably really embarrassing and you just wished they would stop!
And now, you are doing it with your friends and family. It all makes sense now and it’s kind of fun to have a mock fight over the bill. It’s interesting to see who wins in the end.


2. Chai
When you were a kid, you were probably counting the days until you were old enough to drink chai. Now that you are, there is no way you are going to give up those three cups a day, and you will always offer your guests chai, no matter what anyone says.  It’s part of what makes you Indian.


3. ‘Leyn-deyn’/Give and Take
You know all those weird desi traditions; she had a baby so now you have to buy a suit for her mother-in-law or it’s the first time he came to your house so you have to give his kid a gift or never ever let someone leave my house empty handed when they deliver a wedding card? It can be a bit annoying, but you know you’re still going to do it. Like your mom says, if they give you something, you have to give something back. You don’t want the bhaar (or weight of obligation) on your shoulders so this tradition, too, will continue.

4. Telling Dinner Guests to Eat More
Remember how you hated it was when you went to an Aunty’s house and she kept telling you that you weren’t eating enough and to take more food on your plate? Well, lookie, lookie, you’re doing it to your guests now! There’s just something about cooking a dinner for others. You want to make sure they eat enough and leave your house completely stuffed.


5. Indian Soap Operas
In public you may complain about how terribly over-dramatic Indian soap operas are, but when everyone else has gone to bed, you know you’re heading over to the PVR to catch up on the latest episodes, admit it.

What’s the one Desi habit you won’t give up?