5 Memorable Moments in India


In 2015 I took the trip of a lifetime to India. In the span of 12 days we covered Amritsar, Agra, Jaipur, and Delhi – all by train! So today in honour of Republic Day in India (and feeling a little homesick), I’m sharing 5 of my favourite moments from India.

the golden temple1. Amrit-vela visit to the Golden Temple
There is really no way to describe the feeling of being at the Golden Temple at 5 am in the morning. Everything from the foggy morning walk to the sunrise over the temple itself, and listening to Gurbani is etched in my memory. This was one of the most amazing moments in my lifetime.

AZ1_0122isa khan garden tomb

2. Visiting Isa Khan’s Garden Tomb
Visiting a tomb may seem like a strange moment to treasure, but even after visiting amazing forts and qillas, this is building has stayed with me. It was off to the side of Humayun’s Tomb, and not many people were walking through it. The architecture and decor were stunning, and the whole building was vibrating with spirituality. Regardless of your religion, you could feel the cosmic connection here.


3.Making chai at a tea stall
Granted this was a pretty fancy tea stall (or tea shop), but this is one moment I’ll never forget! No description required. #ChaiwaliGoals.


4. Travelling by train
We traveled on the Indian National Railway, like the locals, and it was quite an experience. While it’s not the most spacious or luxurious way to travel, it’s cost-effective, allows you access to any city in India, and you get to meet “real people”. If you want to hear stories and connect with Indians, this is the way to go.
haldiram's kulfi

Haldiram’s Kulfi
This moment is memorable to me because it marked the end of the trip. We had spent days avoiding dairy products in India, and then a day and a half before we were leaving we finally dug in and had these amazing kulfis. I still remember how yummy it was!