5 South Asian Women You Should Know

reshma saujani

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. This day is dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women. So we decided to introduce you to 5 South Asian women that are being bold & courageous in their own ways, and creating new opportunities and equality for future women. 

  1. Reshma Saujani
    Reshma is the founder and CEO of Girls who code. This US based non-profit is working to close the gender gap in technology careers. Girls who code is leading the movement to inspire, educate, and equip young women with the computing skills to pursue 21st Century opportunities.

    Want to keep up with this inspirational tech geek? Follow Reshma on Twitter @reshmasaujani

    the desi wonder woman

  2. Shehzeen Rehman
    We like to think of Shehzeen as a quiet activist. Known as The Desi Wonder Woman online, she’s known for her love of chai, as much as her willingness to talk about “taboo” topics in the South Asian culture. On her blog she’s covered topics like sex before marriage (and the first time after marriage), divorce, and shopping for lingerie.

    We love how Shehzeen is giving young women permission to talk about things that have been considered inappropriate for years in the desi culture. Follow along with The Desi Wonder Woman on her blog.

  3. Nandita Das
    The voice behind the powerful ‘Dark is Beautiful’ campaign, Nandita Das calls BS on fairness creams, discrimination against skin colour, and internal racism in desis! A talented actress, and well known activists, she’s living proof that darker skin isn’t a handicap.

    We enjoy Nandita’s Twitter feed (@nanditadas) because it keeps us up to date on her activism projects, and her current reads. She has a soft spot for poetry, and so do we.

  4. Imaan Sheikh
    This girl rocks our world. She’s using humour and cartoons to bring to light gender inequality, stereotypes, and straight up injustice to women every single day. Not to mention she makes the best Bollywood GIFS ever. Some of her recent Buzzfeed lists that made us sit up think include; 14 Bullsh*t Lies You Were Told About Women’s Bodies if You Grew Up Desi, and This Divine Photo Series Shows the Piercing Hypocrisy of How India Treats it’s women.

    For your daily dose of feminist funnies, we suggest following Imaan on Facebook and Buzzfeed.

  5. Rupi Kaur
    A Canadian feminist poet, writer, and spoken word artist, who often touches on the subjects of gender equality, domestic abuse, and immigration through her words. This young women is inspiration and motivation in one package. Her book of poetry & prose ‘Milk and Honey’, has earned it’s spot on our bookshelf.

    The best way to keep up with this Instapoet is of course – Instagram. This is one account you need to be following.