5 Spring Break Ideas for Families

Spring Break Ideas for Families

Spring Break comes when we all really need it. It’s a little reprieve from the Winter blues and hopefully with some sunshine, it means that Spring and warmer temperatures are just around the corner. If you are staying close to home for spring break, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too! Here are 5 Spring Break Ideas for Families that are fun and that won’t break the bank, which is nice too right?

Fun Spring Break Ideas

1. Staycation
Just because you’re not flying away on a beach vacation doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a different kind of vacation. Have you ever thought of doing a staycation? A staycation is when you have a fun little vacation at home or close to home. Things like camping in your living room, being a tourist in your own city or even taking a day trip are all great ideas.

2. Crafts
In our house, we love doing crafts but we don’t get to doing many during the school year. So when there are breaks and vacations, we love to try and do some fun family crafts. Here are some Spring craft and DIY ideas from The Write Balance as well as some more spring break craft inspiration from the Pinterest Board below.

Spring Break Ideas on Pinterest

3. Movie Marathon
Another one of our spring break ideas for families is, a movie marathon! Have you been wanting to watch the Harry Potter movies or introduce your kids to the Star Wars trilogies? a spring break movie marathon staycation is the perfect time. Or better yet, a Bollywood movie marathon! Here are some of our favourite Bollywood movies for kids.

4. Nature Walk
Since Spring is just around the corner, spring break is a great time to get outside to walk and explore. Pack a picnic lunch and then go on one of the hiking trails as a family. To make it even more interesting, create a little outdoor scavenger hunt for your kids to do, during the walk. I promise, it’ll be a hit!

Spring Break Ideas - Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

5. Library Activities
During the school year we don’t get to the library as often as we would like. Spring break is a great opportunity to head to the library to grab new books to read and DVD’s to watch. The local libraries also usually have a lot of great fun and free activities to do over the spring break so head over to your local library website and check it out.

Spring Break Ideas for Families - library

Those are a few of our favourite spring break ideas for families to do. What are your plans for Spring Break?

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