5 Tips for Growing Your Hair



At least once a year I get the itch to cut my hair. I’m usually pretty quick to respond to the urge, love my cut for a week or two, and then start missing my long locks. Last summer I cut my hair by about 4 inches, and it’s almost all grown back. Seems crazy because I’ve heard that your hair only grows 2 inches per year!

I guess I have really good genetics, but I also try to take good care of my hair and prevent breakage.   If you are getting tired of your old cut, these are my top tips for growing your hair. 

Give Yourself a Weekly Scalp Massage. 
People often talk about the importance of trimming your ends for growth, but new hair comes out of your scalp! Massaging your scalp with oil, or even in the shower increases blood flow and brings more nutrients to the roots of your hair – where growth actually happens.

Take Your Vitamins
Most people know that what you eat affects your skin and hair, but I’ve found that taking vitamins also helps my hair. I’m no medical professional, but I did start taking a vitamin developed for hair, skin, and nails last year because my nails were breaking all the time, and since I started it my nails are stronger and I have a lot less hair fall than I used to. 

Braid Your Hair at Night
It might sound like an is an old wive’s tail, but when I braid my hair at night, I wake up with much less hair on my pillow. I’m convinced that when I leave my hair open it breaks more, and broken hair is weaker and less likely to grow. 

Use Good Quality Elastics
Repeat after me; I will never use an elastic band intended for office supplies in my hair! (I have actually seen this multiple times). Also avoid those cheap elastics with the metal closure, if your hair catches in the metal part it will break. Also if you wear ponytails a lot , don’t tie the pony at the exact same spot every day – this will create a breakage line in your hair. 

Learn to Use Your Hair Tools Correctly
It’s important to learn about the tools you are using to style your hair.. When was the last time you researched hair brushes to find out which one is best for your hair type? Yes it’s easier to buy a hairbrush for a dollar, but if you knew that a $15 hair brush would last you 3-5 years and cause less breakage, would you invest in it?

Here are a few other tips about styling tools you might not know:

  • wide tooth combs are meant for gently removing knots from wet hair (never use a brush on wet hair!)
  • using the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer will create less frizz on your hair and you’ll need less product.
  • there is multiple heat settings on your straightener and curling iron – you might not need to use it on high every time. (Also, never use heat tools on wet hair!)

I hope these tips help you in your quest for Rapunzel-like hair!