5 Ways to Repurpose Leftover Halloween Candy

leftover halloween candy

Do you have a lot of leftover Halloween candy? Whether it’s left from the candy you were giving out to trick-or-treaters coming to the door or it’s from the candy your little munchkins collected, let’s face it, it is hard to resist!

Have no fear, I have some ideas ┬áto ensure that all that leftover Halloween candy won’t be eaten by you or the kids. I mean, you have to eat some of it, but the rest can be repurposed in these five ways.

leftover halloween candy

5 Ways to Use Up Your Leftover Halloween Candy

1. Bake goodies with it
This is kind of the same as eating it but so fun! Take the little candies and chocolates and bake some of these amazing recipes with them, they are truly drool worthy.

leftover halloween candy
Photo Source: Tip Jumkie

2. Donate the leftover Halloween candy
Did you know that you could actually donate the candy you have leftover? Here are a list of places that you can donate leftover Halloween candy to.

3. Make a candy tray
With the holiday season not far off, you can use the leftover Halloween candy in a candy dish for guests. Even better, you can make a candy dish for work and take it out of the house.

leftover halloween candy

4. Freeze the candy
Out of site is out of mind right? Freeze the leftover candy and chocolate for future sweet tooth emergencies. Then here are some great ways to use the frozen sweets.

5. Gingerbread house decorations
Every year we host a gingerbread house party. A great way to repurpose leftover Halloween candy is by saving them for decorating gingerbread houses.

leftover halloween candy
Photos Source: The Write Balance

Have an intimidating amount of candy to “use up”? Schedule a belated visit from the friendly Switch Witch! Before she gets there, what are your favourite Halloween treats that you can’t resist putting aside for yourself?