6 Delicious & Nutritious Desi Dishes to Cook this Winter


Wintry weather calls for comfort food. Period. There is no denying how darn good some foods taste and even feel when it is cold outside. But, after a few weeks of “ok well maybe one more…” it becomes hard to get back in to good eating habits. Especially when it’s still so cold outside and all the desi in you wants to do is wolf down a steaming plate of biryani gloriously doused in raita. As lovely as it sounds a girl cannot live on Biryani alone and so I bring to you a few desi (South Asian) comfort food ideas for a healthier year that are nutritious and most importantly, tasty so you can eat up without feeling like you are missing out!

6 Delicious and Nutritious Indian Recipes:

1. Masra di Daal – Pink Chai Living

Photo Source: Pink Chai Living

A great daal tastes like a warm hug and who doesn’t want a warm hug on a cold winter day? Pink Chai’s version of this classic looks tasty and since lentils are naturally high in iron and protein you can skip the rice or bread and eat the daal like a soup for an eminently satisfying meal!

2. Palak Chicken – Flour & Spice

Photo Source: Flour & Spice Blog

This one hits a lot of boxes for me – it has double the spinach of similar dishes, requires little oil to cook it and is high in Iron, Protein, Fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Calcium. It is delicious with some whole wheat chapatti!

3. Bhindi Masala – Honey What’s Cooking

Photo Source: Honey, What’s Cooking

It is no secret that I really like a good bhindi dish, what I am not crazy about is an oily bhindi and when Nisha is at the helm I know there is no danger of that! A health conscious foodie Nsha’s recipes have the fat dialed back and the nutrition dialed up. Plus I always learn a lot – like who knew that Okra was high in Folic Acid?

4. Beef Kababs – Nutrition by Nazima

Photo Source: Nutrition by Nazima

There is something undeniably alluring about the sizzling smells of a good kabab, but with our barbecues firmly ensconced in many inches of snow grilling is out of the question and frying may seem like the only way to achieve a moist kabab. Nazima of Nutrition by Nazima shows us another way. Her trick? Extra juicy onions thanks to a trip in the food processor!

5. Channa Masala – The Novice Housewife

Photo Source: The Novice Housewife

It is hard to put together a round up of comforting delicious wholesome South Asian food without including a fantastic Channa Masala and this version from The Novice Housewife uses pantry basics to create something delicious. Garbanzo beans or Chickpeas are exceptionally high in fibre and have great flavor to boot! Eaten as a main they will help keep you full for longer while giving your body what it needs to manage blood glucose levels and help keep bad cholesterol levels in check.

6. Weeknight Chicken Curry from Food, Pleasure & Health

Photo Source: Food Pleasure Health

For busy weeknights where comfort is still needed it is hard not to crave a classic chicken curry. Dixya is a Registered Dietitian and her version of Nepali Chicken Curry is low on fat and big on flavor. The steps are fairly simple which makes it even better for tired weeknights where complicated cooking seems near impossible!

Hope you have found some delicious inspiration for some healthy winter comfort! What are your go to desi dishes for when you want to eat healthier, but still feel satisfied?