6 Brilliant Kids’ Birthday Party Themes!


Who doesn’t love a good birthday party, right? The treats, the bouncy castle, the dessert table (yum!) There is so much to look forward to! For party planners (AKA Mums) picking a fun theme can be stressful! How many Elmo, Dinosaur or Peppa Pig parties can one attend? Pinterest can be overwhelming so I came up with a 6 unique party ideas that the kids will love!

1. Sushi + Kimono Party!
This is one of my dream party ideas! You can really make this fun by setting up individual stations with a bamboo rolling mats with sushi rice, seaweed and chopsticks for all the kids. Now you DON’T have to work with raw fish but use vegetables and other cooked meats instead or even fruit! I love the idea of getting all the kids to wear kimonos as they create their yummy masterpieces!
When it comes to decorations you can really have fun. Check out your local Asian market- they come fully equipped with fans, fortune cookies, takeout boxes, cute wooden figurines and fun artificial blossoms! Confused about favours? You can fill up takeout boxes with fun personalized fortune cookies from here and training chopsticks!
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2. Art Party!
OK, so this can get messy pretty quick! If you do it at home find a spot outside, put a tarp down and remove all valuable goods. You can tack up sheets of paper or buy oversized canvases and let the kids go wild.
Otherwise you can find an art studio that offers party classes! I love the idea of doing it at a studio because you will find age-appropriate activities led by an experienced teacher. This is such a fun way to get kids excited about art and get their creative juices flowing.
If you are thinking of yummy treats I love this fun idea of Rice Krispie treats shaped as paintbrushes which are a super easy DIY. You can get custom cookies made of palettes or get custom art smocks for all the kids with their names!
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3. Flower Crown Princesses Tea Party!

This is the perfect theme for a girly girl! Whimsical, dreamy and ultra feminine, you can really style this party to the max! Picture this – each princess gets her own flower crown (this doubles up as a favor!) as they enjoy their high tea, (perhaps grilled cheese and macaroons?!) I love the idea of decorating with simple flower arrangements and setting a table with vintage china and pretty plastic glassware. After food, you can set up a manicure station with kid-friendly nail varnish like this. They will definitely feel very royal!

SA Buzz - Princess tea party
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4. School of Rock Party!
Other than being one of my favorite films, this is such a fun way to celebrate you little one’s birthday. The School of Rock music studio is open in more than 140 locations in 30 states. If you are lucky to live by one then do check them out. The perks: you get to either learn rhythm games, play instruments, and perform a rock version of “Happy Birthday!” or write an original song in honour of the birthday girl or boy!  You can keep the menu simple with pizzas and fun Pop rocks! Get rock band inspired t-shirts as favors for all the band mates!
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5. Bollywood Movie Slumber Party!
Set up a screen in your backyard with bean bags or sleeping bags or create a cozy pillow fort in your living room! Ask the guest of honour what filmy movie they want to watch and get the popcorn ready!
This is such a fun idea to go hand in hand with a slumber party with a handful of close friends! If they plan to have a movie marathon prepare some fun midnight snacks! A super cute favor would be to get matching pajamas for the whole group!
If you are looking for an activity to break up the night from binge watching set up craft table where the kids can personalize their own pillow cases.
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6. Pancakes and PJ’s Party!
If you can’t handle the kids at night invite them over for breakfast in their PJs! Set up a “Build Your Own” pancake station and a full breakfast spread. This is such a scrumptious idea and can be very fuss-free.
For an activity, you can have the kids create jewelry by stringing cheerios and fruit loops. Thinking of what to give as a favor? How about a pre-made pancake mix with a favorite recipe!
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