7 Indian Appetizer Recipes for Your Super Bowl Party

Indian Appetizer Recipes to Try

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about …. appetizers! (Did you think I was going to say football?) Whether you’re attending or hosting a super bowl party, appetizers are a must! We think that Indian Appetizer Recipes are just the thing to take your super bowl party from meh to touchdown!

We’ve rounded up our favourite Indian appetizer recipes from some awesome South Asian food bloggers. There’s even a recipe for tandoori chicken wings, because chicken wings  are a must at a Super Bowl party, right?

7 Indian Appetizer Recipes to Try

1. Aloo Puffs

Aloo Puffs are puff pastry that is stuffed with spicy potatoes and baked. I mean anything made with puff pastry is always delicious and this spicy potato filling makes it even better. These Aloo Puffs are perfect to grab and eat, no fork required.

Indian Appetizers for Super Bowl Party

2. Jalapeno Popper Wontons | Spicy Cheesy Samosa

This spin on wontons/samosas will bring just the right amount of heat to a Super Bowl party, all thanks to Sarah from Flour and Spice. They have the flavor of stuffed Jalapeno poppers – the jalapenos, cream cheese and monterey jack, but in the crispy convenient package of a samosa!

Indian Appetizer Recipes

3. Paneer Stuffed Mushrooms

Put mushrooms together with Indian cheese and you get these delicious paneer stuffed mushrooms. This is one of those Indian appetizer recipes that will definitely be a touch down at any super bowl party.

indian appetizer recipes

4. Aloo Poha Tater Tots

Can’t resist a tater tot? This Indian version of tater tots full of yummy spices will be even harder to resist at your next Super Bowl Party.

Indian Appetizer Recipes for a super bowl party

5. Masala Papad

Every Super Bowl party needs something crunchy too. Yes you can go for the usual potato or tortilla chips. Or you can spice things up (literally) with this masala papad recipe from Love Laugh Mirch.

Indian appetizer recipes for a Super Bowl party

6. Samosa Bites

Samosas are a desi staple and they are also the perfect appetizer. We love how Food Pleasure Health has made this favourite into healthier, bite-sized version!

Indian Appetizer Recipes to try

7. Baked Tandoori Chicken Wings

And lastly, we had to end our list of Indian appetizer recipes with these baked tandoori chicken wings from Indiaphile. Really, a Super Bowl party isn’t complete without chicken wings, is it? And this desi twist on a classic favourite is a perfect addition to the party.

Indian Appetizer Recipes to try

There you have 7 Indian appetizer recipes that will be a hit at any Super Bowl party. As a matter of fact, they would probably be a hit at any party!
If you’re actually hosting a party for the Super Bowl this year, you might want to try these healthier versions of some classic party snacks.

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Indian Appetizer Recipes to try for Your Super Bowl Party

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