7 Tips for Taking a Family Beach Vacation


Beach vacations are a lot of fun, any time of the year! When you’re going as a family with children, there is always a bit more to consider and bring along with you.

It’s a little extra effort but it’ll be worth it. Your beach getaway will be more fun, safe and comfortable if you keep in mind these 8 Tips for Taking a Family Beach Vacation.

1. Bring a small first aid kit
Cuts, scrapes, bug bites and such will always happen, whether you’re a child or an adult. When you’re on vacation, keep a small first aid kit with you that has all the basics so you’re ready for anything.

travel first aid kit


2. Life jacket
If your kids are still young and are not 100% confident swimming in the water, arm floaters or a life jacket can make a huge difference, both in the safety and fun factor. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

Travel - floater & life jacket
Photo Source: Walmart

3. Small beach toys
Take a few small beach toys like a pail, shovel, inflatable beach ball and frisbee. This will come in handy at the beach and the pool. You can buy inexpensive ones at a dollar store before you leave for your trip. That way if you don’t want to take them back in your suitcase, you can leave them at the hotel. We passed ours along to another family that was vacationing there.

Travel Beach toys

4. Take two bathing suits
Two swimsuits comes in really handy for both adults and kids! The reason being that some days you might want to go swimming twice or the suit may not dry overnight and it is not fun to wear a wet bathing suit! At those times, a second bathing suit comes in really handy and it doesn’t take up much room in the suitcase.

Travel - 2 bathing suits
Photo Source: Old Navy

5. Beach bag
A good-size sturdy beach bag will come in really handy on a beach vacation. Whether you are going to the pool or to the sand, you can take everything you need in it like sunscreen, towels, water bottles, snacks, summer books, beach toys and more!

beach tote
Photo Source: Amazon

6. Family photos
A beach vacation is the best place to take family photos. Look into the hotel or resort photographer. If they have one, photo shoots are free of charge. After the shoot, you can usually purchase one or two prints for $15-$20 each. It would be a great memory and family photo to hang on the wall at home.

Photo from The Write Balance family beach vacation

7. Be flexible
And last but not least, try and be flexible. It’s a vacation, schedules aren’t going to be the same as at home so try and go with the flow. Everyone will have a great time and once you get back, it’ll only take a few days to get back into a routine.