Bollywood Playing Cards – DIY


Cards is a common game you’ll see played in many South Asian households. The card games are endless whether it’s with kids, friends or family.

For all you Bollywood lovers, we came up with this super simple playing cards DIY that’ll feature your favourite Bollywood icons as you play.

All you need  for this DIY is:
– a regular sized deck of playing cards
– 52 pictures sized to the back of the cards
– scissors
– glue.
*Note: You can use as little as one or as many as four different images. If you’re a serious card player and you are worried about someone counting cards then stick to just one image on the entire deck.

How to do it:
1. Cut out all the pictures you printed
2. Glue the images to the back of each card
3. Let them dry overnight (You can put a heavy book on them to ensure they stay straight and stuck).

And that is it. A really easy DIY to make card night a lot more fun! Don’t forget to add your favourite Bollywood tunes in the background to make the night complete.