Chocolate Cakes To Make NOW

Chocolate Cakes To Make NOW

Few things make us stop in our tracks the way a great Chocolate Cake does. How is it that something we see all the time and perhaps eat all the time still has an undeniable allure? We don’t know, we just know the heart wants what it wants and ours want to look at Chocolate Cakes all day long. So today on this National Chocolate Cake Day let’s quietly celebrate with some #foodporn shall we?

Bonus points for reading this post while eating Chocolate Cake. Even more if one of the Chocolate Cake Recipes is from this list!

Chocolate Cakes
Image Source: Chai and Churros

This easy Chocolate Cake recipe from Chai and Churros has us convinced that Chocolate Cake can and should be an every day occurrence! Luckily with this recipe it can be. Click here to see how.

Chocolate Cakes
Image Source: Honey What’s Cooking

We don’t know what’s giving us the feels more, the love and energy in this post or that beautiful Gluten Free Flourless Chocolate Cake. So so pretty. Also let’s wish the newlywed Nisha a little joy and love shall we?

Chocolate Cakes
Image Source: Love Laugh Mirch

If there are fruit and veggies in it, it’s healthy. Yup, we think we should have this Pear & Zucchini Chocolate Cake from Love Laugh Mirch all the time. For health reasons.

Chocolate Cakes
Image Source: Simply Vegetarian 777

Blender Chocolate Cake. Wait! We can make chocolate cake in a blender? A BLENDER? Pass ours over and call us chefs. Count on Sonal to make anything easier and tastier!

Chocolate Cakes
Image Source: Cooking with Molly

Best Ever Vegan Chocolate Cake Molly from Cooking with Molly says and we say it looks pretty darn delicious! Whether you are vegan or not isn’t it awesome to have a cake you can make with pantry ingredients?

Chocolate Cakes
Image Source: Flour & Spice Blog

This One Bowl Chocoholics Chocolate Cake is my favourite party trick. No really, I see to be making it for all my parties! It is oft requested and so easy to make that I never complain!

Chocolate Cakes
Source: The Novice Housewife

If you don’t know who Shumaila Chauhan of The Novice Housewife is then you are missing out. Her food photos, Indian and otherwise, always leave us drooling and her take on a Vegan Chocolate Cake has us wanting a tall glass of milk and a fork.

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  1. What amazing collection of chocolate cakes and just in time for valentines! Thanks for including mine! Will be sharing the choice love 😀💕