Choosing a Quality Kurti


It’s no secret that I love kurtis. They are comfortable, versatile and come in every colour/print imaginable. I’ve paired them with leggings, jeans, long skirts, and of course a salwar and dupatta for desi events.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a kurti or two to your wardrobe, I’ve got some tips for making sure the one you are buying is good quality. I’ve bought quite a few kurtis from my local Indian shop that didn’t hold up well to washing and wearing, so I have an idea of what to look for.

Here are my tips for choosing a good quality kurti – but you can apply these to pretty much any clothing purchase.

Start With Fit and Cut – If it doesn’t fit you right, walk away. A kurti should be a little loose in the waist and skim your hips. In fact, if the hips of the kurti are not cut slightly wider than the waist and shoulders, it’s not well constructed.

Test the “Hand” of the Fabric – I know you can’t do this online, but if you are in the store feel the fabric. How does the fabric feel against your skin – the better quality the fabric the softer it will feel against your skin, and the better the drape will be.

Look Closely at Embellishments and Embroidery – On a quality garment the sequins are not falling off and the embroidery is not unraveling. Remember, when you are buying an embellished kurti, the cost is mainly dependent on the handiwork. If it’s not secure, it’s not worth it.

Check the Hem Finishes – Even if you can’t sew, you can check the finish on the hem. Look at the bottom of the kurti, the bottom of the sleeves and the neckline. How clean is the stitching, and is it even?