Collection of Birth Stories to Celebrate Motherhood

A collection of Birth Stories

Motherhood. It’s amazing, it’s challenging. It’s full of victories, defeats, tears, laughter, emotion and so much love. Mothers undergo a big shift in their lives when they become moms, and it all starts with their birth stories.

After nine months, when a woman bears a child, she not only gives birth to a child, but to a mother as well. And although countless women have given birth, each story is unique, important and special.

Today we are sharing some birth stories to celebrate Motherhood. Get ready to smile, cringe, laugh and cry because really, that is motherhood.

A Collection of Birth Stories

Our first story comes from Salma, one of our editors. The story of her oldest being born had us glued. She shares how everything happened, from the first contraction, while she was watching a terrible movie, to what she said to her anesthesiologist in all seriousness!

Collection of Birth Stories

Nikita from Growing up Gupta shares her birth story and how things did not go according to her birth plan, in fact, it did not go as planned at all.

A collection of Birth Stories - Growing Up Gupta

Raj, our culture and style editor, shares her birth stories. It’s the story of embracing motherhood and that things aren’t always perfect in motherhood.

Collection of Birth Stories

Vimna, from MomLessMom, shares what she calls, her Uneventful Birth, that may have included an out of body experience!

A Collection of Birth Stories - Vimna

And last but not least, we had to share Salma’s second birth story with her daughter. It was a lot different than her first. It also involves breaking the law and the police. Piqued your interest?

A Collection of Birth Stories

Have you written down your birth story?

A Collection of Birth Stories, Celebrating Motherhood