Cranberry Raita Recipe {Thanksgiving Sides}

cranberry raita recipe

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays, but I bet you don’t know why…I’m a Thanksgiving baby! (Yes, it’s a thing). I was born on Thanksgiving day, and every four years my birthday falls on the statutory holiday – yipee for a national holiday on your birthday!!

Usually my family does a turkey meatloaf for Thanksgiving. This year we hosted an early Friendsgiving and I roasted a whole turkey! I did a tandoori marinade that had a little bit of heat, so as a side dish I wanted something a bit cooling. What better option than a raita? To keep the Thanksgiving vibe, I added fresh cranberries.

This is a such an easy side dish! It literally took 15 minutes and was a big hit with kids and adults alike. (I took my initial inspiration from this recipe and then adjusted the amounts of sugar & water to a consistency that worked for me.)

cranberry raita


3 cups dahi
1 1/2 cups of cranberries
2 small shallots
2 tsp sugar
1/2 cup water
1/2 tbs Oil

cranberry raita recipe

Step 1: Lightly fry shallots (1-2 minutes on medium heat). Add cranberries, water, and sugar. Cook on medium heat until all the cranberries pop.

cranberry raita recipe

Step 2: Cool the berries to touch

Step 3: Combine dahi and cranberry mixture. You can also add a little water if your family likes the consistency of raita a bit thinner.

cranberry raita recipe

What is your favourite turkey accompaniment on Thanksgiving?

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