Diwali Gift Guide for Kids!


Diwali is undoubtedly India’s biggest holiday of the year. It’s like Christmas, New Years and Hanukkah rolled into one as Hindus, Sikhs and Jains around the world celebrate the triumph of good over evil!

There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate Diwali. Exchanging gifts during the holidays is a great way to show gratitude and also strengthen bonds. It can also be daunting so I have put together a thoughtful, Diwali-centric, kid-friendly gift guide that can make the whole process enjoyable!


Check out this festive Onesie by Zeezeezoo that can get your little one ready for all the celebrations.

Team it with this Muslin Gift Set by Little West Street to keep them nice and snuggly.


I love this Activity Box that is filled with stickers and crafts from The Playful Indian.

Ward off evil spirits with this Rangoli Kit! It comes with templates so it will be easy-peasy for your little one to get ultra creative!


The Goddess Power Tower from Jai Jai Hooray are 10 stacking blocks that features some of the most iconic female figures in Hindu mythology. As you build the tower with each block, you’ll also build a poem that celebrates mama!

If you are looking for the Indian version of Elf on the Shelf, check out Hindu on the Bindu. This soft toy encourages children to learn more about Diwali. The best part is that you can start your own traditions with your own doll and book.

If you are buying new utensils for Dhanteras then you could buy your little ones the Melissa and Doug Steel pots and pans too!

No Diwali is complete without diya’s and we love these colorful Diya’s from Shubh Jaya.


We enjoy reading so many books about Diwali. There is really a wonderful selection of books out there for different age groups! Some of our personal favorites are, “Let’s Celebrate Diwali” by Bharat Babies; “Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth” by Sanjay Patel and “The Diwali Gift” and by 3 Curious Monkeys.


If you are looking for custom candy gifts, check out Dylan’s Candy Bar for their extensive collection of goodies. This is a total crowd pleaser for both adult and children!

A personal favorite, this Cookie Cutter from Two Dotts can keep you busy for hours in the kitchen. The best part is decorating them with fun designs and icing!


Dress your little ones in these very fashion-forward pieces by Masala Baby.

These delicate hoops by Sashi are just the right amount of traditional and modern.

You’re ittle prince will be the center of attention in these vintage silk shirts


If you want to gift something that is not materialistic but rather an experience check out Bollywood Inspired Dance Classes. It’s a perfect high energy workout with fabulous music and a way for your children to get a serious dose of Bollywood music!


Check out your local museums for more information about family events like art labs or music appreciation and get memberships so the whole family can enjoy.

Find local cooking classes, pottery-making classes or anything else that interest you all as a family and make memories by just slowing down and spending time together.