DIY Dandiya Sticks for Kids


With Navratri in full swing and Diwali not to far behind, it’s the time of year to dig out your favourite lehenga choli and show off your mad garba skills. If you’d like to get the kids involved and start teaching them a few steps, we’ve got a super easy DIY for injury-free dandiya sticks.

I’m no garba expert, but I’ve played with dandiya stick a few times and know they can be hard on tiny fingers. Thankfully, there is a quick and low-fuss way to make some soft dandiya sticks at home, and the good news is – you probably have everything you need to make these at your place right now.

If your kids are 4+ it’s also a craft you can do together and talk about Navratri, garba, and culture. This is my favourite way to teach my kids stuff – trick them into think it’s play time while slipping in education!


diy dandiya sticks
Decorative ribbon (2-3 colours)

Step 1: Roll the paper tightly and glue as you go, forming the shape of the dandiya stick.
diy dandiya sticksdiy dandiya sticks

Step 2:
When you’ve created a tight roll with the thickness you want, use clear tape to seal.

diy dandiya stick

Step 3:
Begin wrapping the first colour of ribbon around your newspaper stick. Remember to secure both ends with tape or glue.

diy dandiya stick Step 4:
Continue wrapping with alternate colours. Leave an overhang at the end of the stick if you would like.

diy dandiya stickdiy dandiya sticks

Step 5: Get your garba on!

diy dandiya stick

diy dandiya sticks