Ring in the Holiday Season with some Desi Cookies!

Cookies Inspired by Desi Flavors
Cookies Inspired by Desi Flavors

As the Holiday Season of Cheer & Joy is approaching fast, people are surfing the net like crazy for good Cookie Recipes. We do not blame them since we are in the same boat. Therefore, we at South Asian Buzz decided to do something unique this year. We asked around and tallied our notes with some very talented & creative bloggers and recipe magicians and asked them to share with us their best Desi inspired cookie. These Desi Cookies are bursting with the flavors of Cardamom, nutmeg, Saffron, Pistachio, Almonds and more. It is great to see such a loved treat take on some delicious desi flavours!

This collection of Desi Cookies will fill your house with warm aromas, hearty & earthy flavors, and leave you craving for more. Bake our Desi Cookies this Holiday Season and make gorgeous gifts for family, friends and neighbours.

Let us take you on the tour of these warmly spiced delicious cookies.

  1. Kesar Pista Elaichi Biscuits

    Made by Sonal of simplyvegetarian777, these are the perfect cookies to indulge in. These are almost like Desi Mithai packed in a biscuit. The flavor of Saffron really makes these stand apart! They are absolutely ROYAL.

    Desi Cookies
    Source: Simply Vegetarian 777

2. Pistachio & White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Desi Cookies
Source: The South Asian Buzz

These tender cookies by Sarah, our Food Editor here are the South Asian Buzz are a beautiful example of the perfect marriage between a little bit of salt with tons of sweetness. The flavors are super enticing.

3. Cardamom Thumbprint Cookies

Desi Cookies
Source: Love Laugh Mirch

Nisha of Love Laugh & Mirch brings the modern take on traditional Naan Khatais. For all the global desis, who are looking for more oopmh in their cookies, this is it.

4. Naan Khatai

Desi Cookies
Source: Happy and Harried

Anjana of Happy & Harried pens down the traditional Naan Khatai Recipe for all of us. A true desi like me can munch on these endlessly. How about you guys?

5. Pistachio Cookies

Desi Cookies
Source: Ruchis Kitchen

Ruchi of Ruchis Kitchen has made these cookies not only eggless, but amazingly nutty, crunchy and delicious with jewel studded Pistachios in their Emerald Green beauty.

6. Jeera Cookies

Desi Cookies
Source: Spice Zone

These are from Sarika of Spice Zone. Any Jeera Cookies fans in the house? Do these remind you of anything? These remind me of endless chat sessions over chai and uncountable jeera cookies dipped in chai ki pyali. Nostalgia overload.

7. Honey Cardamom Cookies

Desi Cookies
Source:Cooking Curries

Manju of Cooking Curries calls these cookies, anytime cookies. Isn’t that delightful? You are bored, eat a cookie….You are happy, eat a cookie…Had a fight…eat a cookie….I mean…..for every reason, there is this COOKIE.

8. Hyderabadi Karachi Style Fruit Biscuits

Desi Cookies
Source: Aromatic Essence

Freda of Aromatic Essence has nailed it big time with our childhood memories. Who all remember these gorgeous cookies, with their nostalgic notes? Classic Beauty!

9. Cardamom Cookies

Desi Cookies
Source: Cooking with Sapana

Sapana of Cooking with Sapana says that these are soft & chewy yet melt in the mouth kinda cookies. No one can stop at one. I completely believe her.

10. Kal Kal, Indian Christmas Cookie

Desi Cookies
Source: Love is in My Tummy

 Tina of Love is in my Tummy brings these traditional cookies to us. Kal Kal are hand rolled and then deep fried. They are crispy from the outside and cake like from inside. A little bit like a donut, right?

11. Kaju Kishmish Biscotti

Desi Cookies
Source: Ruchik Randhap

Shireen of Ruchik Randhap  uses two ingredients that are such a big part of Desi Cooking and adds them to the Italian biscotti. Biscottis usually feature Almonds, but we like her desi spin! These are perfect for the festive season!

12. Whole Wheat Pistachio Cookies with Oats

Desi Cookies
Source: The Belly Rules the Mind

Soniya of The Belly Rules the Mind has something for their more heath conscious in us. You want to have your cookie and eat it too? Make lots of these whole wheat and oats cookie and indulge.

13. 3 Ingredients Piped Cookies

Desi Cookies
Source: Spices and Flavours

These 3 Ingredient Piped Cookies by Sushma of Spices and Flavors are a bonus cookie for you. Though not desi, but loved by desis. These are perfect Tea-Time cookies.

I am sure that you must have bookmarked and saved all the cookies here to try. There are 12 days left for the Holiday and 13 Cookies your way. What a treat!

Do not forget to pin or bookmark this post for your future reference and share the love with your loved ones. Who knows, one of these may be your next Holiday Season staple!

Cookies Inspired by Desi Flavors