How Exercise Can Make You a Better Person


I know it’s a pretty bold statement to make, How Exercise Can Make You a Better Person. But I truly believe it from the bottom of my heart. Exercising on a regular basis, no matter what it is, can honestly give you a better quality of life, for your body, mind and soul.

Whether it’s walking, biking, lifting weights, aerobic classes, tennis or Bollywood dance classes, making time for regular exercise and being active really can make you a better person and here is why.

7 Ways Exercise Can Make You a Better Person

Gives you an energy boost
Each time you make the effort to exercise, you are actually giving yourself an energy boost and adrenaline rush. How this works is, when you exercise, endorphins are released which in turn make you feel more energized. So next time you’re feeling a bit tired, instead of taking a nap, you might want to go out for run instead.
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Makes you feel happier
It may be hard to believe it, especially when the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and exercise, but it can actually make you feel happier! Once you incorporate an exercise you enjoy (this is key) into your life, you’ll start feeling healthier, energized and happier. Even people around you will notice. It’s those endorphins again and that your body is thanking you for taking care of it!

Helps with getting a better sleep
A lot of people struggle with getting a good nights sleep. There are lot of things you can do to help your self get a better night of sleep and one of them is to exercise. Although you don’t want to be exercising too close to bedtime because it may be stimulating, regular exercise can improve your quality and duration of sleep.

How exercise can make you a better person

Reduces stress and anxiety
Incorporating regular exercise into your routine, is known to reduce your level of stress and anxiety. I know for myself, when I have had a good nights sleep and a good workout, I can deal with stressful situations so much more calmly. Exercise again, helps release those feel-good hormones and combined with the positive, feel good impact of exercise on a daily basis, you’ll definitely see a reduction of your stress and anxiety levels.

Gives you time for yourself
Sometimes life gets so busy that you forget to carve out time for yourself. If you regularly schedule exercise into your week, whether its a dance or yoga class, a walk with the neighbour or a bike ride, it’ll force you to make that time for yourself to reflect, have alone time and to do something good for your body. Hence, another way exercise can make you a better person.

How Exercise can make you a better person

Helps with depression
Depression, seasonal affective disorder and the blues are very common in North America. Although there are many ways to treat these, exercise is known to be immensely helpful in treating symptoms of depression and the blues. Check out this article for more info on the positive correlation between depression and exercise.(If you suffer from a more serious depression, you should consult a physician.)

Makes you feel good about yourself
And last but definitely not least, exercising on a regular basis can really make you feel good about yourself. If you combine all the factors above, how can you not feel healthier and better about yourself overall and in the end, it can make your quality of life better and hence, make you a better person. Case closed 😉

Is being active or exercising a regular part of your life? If so, what is your favourite type of exercise. If not, what do you think is holding you back?

How Exercise Makes You a better person