How to Wash Your Hair for Volume and Shine

how to wash your hair for volume and shine

How to Wash Your Hair for Volume and Shine

Newsflash, I’ve been washing my hair wrong my whole life! Exaggeration? Just a tiny little bit, but honestly, until recently I had no idea there was a better way.

My routine until about 6 months ago was the same as everyone else I know. Lather my hair up with shampoo, rinse, add conditioner – wait 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending how busy the day is, rinse again. And then it’s business as usual – blow dry, straighten, and go.

I had absolutely no reason to change my in-shower routine, except I got really heavy into researching hair care after a disaster dye job. My hair was so damaged that I’d been using heavy conditioners, hair masks, and all sorts of treatments. Unfortunately nothing was working, and my hair was feeling limp and lifeless from all the weight of the products. This was in addition to being fried and frizzy because of the chemicals in the dye, not a pretty situation.

In the end, I eventually caved and cut 3 inches off the bottom of my hair, but through my in-depth hair research, I learned about the no conditioner method which gives my hair so much volume and shine.

So enough of the backstory and build-up, let’s talk about how I wash my hair now!


Brush your hair before you wash it.
This is such a simple trick I couldn’t believe I didn’t know it before. By brushing your hair before washing, you are taking out the knots so you don’t have to tug at your wet hair and create frizz later.

Apply a conditioner or oil to the ends of your hair before you shampoo.
There is no need to condition all of your hair. I’ve only been applying coconut oil to the bottom 4 inches of my hair for the last few months and the results are amazing! I have so much volume and movement at the crown because there is no conditioner weighing it down.

Also, I know it seems backwards, but you need to apply the oil or conditioner to the bottom of your hair before you shampoo. Trust me. This makes a big difference when figuring out how to wash your hair for volume.

(And if you’re interested in using coconut oil, here’s How to Double Cleanse Your Skin with Coconut Oil.)

Wet your hair completely (soaking wet).
Before you add shampoo to your hair, make sure your hair is fully soaked with water.

Use very little shampoo and concentrate on your scalp.
All you need is a teaspoon size amount of shampoo because you are concentrating on washing your scalp area only. Using circular motions just keep working your way around your scalp. Never lift the rest of your hair onto your scalp like they show in shampoo commercials!! (Ironic I know).

The goal is to get top of your hair feeling squeaky clean. Which is not actually a nice feeling. My hair feels a bit rough and dry at this point.

Lightly rinse the shampoo out.
For my hair, just directing the shampoo in a downward motion while rinsing is good enough and the rest of my hair gets clean. If that feels awkward for you, you can take your hair between your two palms and gently massage the shampoo out, but remember – more rubbing means more frizz and less shine.

Blow dry or air dry and style as usual.
No leave-in or spray in conditioner, but if you are using heat tools a protectant is a must. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but by the time you have dried and styled your hair you’ll have added enough oils from your fingers for it to feel soft. Plus we already conditioned it before washing remember?

The new routine took a little getting used to, but my hair has never had volume, and I haven’t had shiny hair since before I had kids. So if you have been trying to figure out how to wash your hair for volume and shine, try it out this method and tell me what you think!

how to wash your hair for volume and shine