How to Workout Like a Badass

How to Workout like a Badass

The Person: Salma Dinani
What she does: Lifestyle Blogger at The Write Balance, Mama to Two, Workout Badass
What we want to know: How to get our hair insta-story ready every day. Just kidding, we want to know that only a little bit. Mostly we want to know how to workout like a badass. Apparently, shuffling along on the treadmill while watching shows on Netflix does not cut it.

How to Workout like a Badass

Q.) Salma, were you always a gym regular?

A.) I started exercising at the age of 19. Weight has always been an issue in our family growing up and I was determined to try and stay healthy from early on. I started out just doing cardio machines and then I fell in love with aerobic and step classes.

Q.) What got you into the kind of working out you’re doing now?

A.) About a year and a half ago, I won 12 personal training (PT) sessions. It was a game changer for me. I still went to my gym 3 times a week but also went to one PT session a week too. This is where I was introduced to the world of weight lifting and it was awesome! Until then, when I used weights, it was usually 8 lbs, maybe 10lbs if I was pushing it. With this personal training, I began to realize how strong I actually was and that my body could do so much more than I realized. I did squats with 95lbs and deadlifts with 135lbs (I didn’t even know what a deadlift was before). I could even do real pushups, not on my knees – it was amazing!

PT changed my view on exercising. I still love cardio because it gives me that adrenaline rush but I also combine it with weights and strength training to get a balanced workout. Through all of this, it’s been really life changing. I’ve realized that exercise is so much more than just about losing weight and that it actually makes me a better mom and a better to workout like a badass

Q.) Can you describe a regular workout?

A.) In February of 2017, I was introduced to a new gym called F45. I did their two-week free trial and I was hooked. Everything just fell into place for me there. They have 45-minute workouts with cardio and strength training. Every workout is different and they have trainers to guide you and push you.

Q.) It seems really hard (we’ve been watching your insta stories!). How do you get yourself to push through it?

A.) It definitely can be hard, but I think it’s the same with any workout: you get out of it, what you put into it. Some days I am at 150% and some days I only give 50%. But I always give something because something is better than nothing. I always push myself through it, even on days I’m not totally feeling it because I know at the end, I will feel amazing and better than when I stepped in the gym.

how to workout like a badass

Q.) Are there days where you just don’t go to the gym? If so, how do you get yourself motivated to get back there?

A.) There are always days you don’t feel like going. And sometimes it’s okay not to go. Your mind and body probably need a rest and some recovery. In my younger days when I would stop working out for a little while, it would be hard to get back into it for sure. But now it’s just a regular part of my life, I can’t imagine not going. Even when I’m on vacation, and I don’t go to the gym, my mind and body crave a workout!

Q.) It can be really hard to figure out what to do once we get to the gym. Could you suggest a regular workout or give some advice to readers who want to be gym badasses like you? Any tips on how to workout?

A.) I’ve never considered myself a gym badass but I will take it as a compliment. I think when it comes down to it, you need to find something that you love doing, whether it’s a class at the gym, an outdoor activity, a sport, whatever gets you active, a little sweaty and makes you feel good during and after.

how to workout like a badass

If you’re interested in being a “badass” but are unsure of where to start, book a few personal training sessions with someone who comes recommended. This way you are getting one on one attention, you’re learning the right way to do things and you can get help, advice and direction. Once you figure out what you love, what makes you excited to go and workout, make a plan that works for your schedule. For me, I’ve progressed from three workouts a week to five. It took awhile to achieve that and figure out what is best for my body and my life. I workout M-F and then give my body rest (and focus on the family) on the weekends. I like to workout early in the morning. At this time, everyone is sleeping so I don’t need to worry and when I get home, I’ve already completed my workout and don’t need to think about when I’ll get it in. I also come home feeling energized, happy and ready to start the day!

Thanks for all the great advice, Salma! We would like to wrap this piece up with some meaningful prose, but Salma has us inspired to hit the gym with her tips on how to workout! What do you think? Will you be trying to work out harder this year? Share your ideas!