Indo-Mex, Yes Please!


Love Mexican food and think Cinco de Mayo is another great excuse to eat it? We agree!

Love a little desi fusion? So do we!

Now that we have established we are on the same delicious page let’s check out these yummies perfect for your Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Chicken Tikka Quesadillas

Source: Chai & Churros

These Chicken Tikka Quesadillas from Chai & Churros take the desi classic chicken tikka and adds some gooey cheese to it. What could go wrong? From the looks of it, absolutely nothing!

Tandoori Salmon Tacos

Source: Nutrition by Naz

Feeling like bringing on the seafood instead? Nazima from Nutrition by Naz has some heart healthy delicious Tandoori Salmon Tacos that are quick and easy to make. We think they’d be pretty easy to eat too!

Mexican Chicken Taco

Source: Maple & Marigold

Although not a twist on Mexican flavours we are confident that this recipe from Maple and Marigold creates tacos that any desi would want to chow down on!

Masala Margarita

Source: Pink Chai Living

Looking for something a little more grown up? This boozy Masala Margarita from Pink Chai Living is the perfect drink for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations!

What are your favourite Mexican foods and do you put a desi twist on them or stick to the original?

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