It Takes One Woman: Meesha Shafi Speaks Out Against Ali Zafar And Is Not Alone.


One Pakistani celeb accuses another of sexual harassment and the internet is afire. Meesha Shafi, who describes herself as “Mother by day. Rockstar by night. Performing Artist. Singer/Actor, going strong since the year 2000 recently shared the following tweet

Not surprisingly the responses came in fast and in some cases furious, with some accusing her of not knowing the difference between harmless flirting and harassment and others coming forward to say their friends had made similar claims about Ali Zafar and they hadn’t believed them.
Ali Zafar’s response to these claims is as follows

So what are we to make of these claims?

While we clearly are not in a position to confirm their validity we at The South Asian Buzz are always inspired to see women taking a stand for their beliefs. As is evident from the many cruel responses Meesha Shafi has opened her self up for a world of unkindness and is tough to think that anyone would do so lightly especially in a patriarchal society where Ali Zafar is adored by many.

Here are some of the women courageously following in Meesha Shafi’s footsteps


There have been other women who have come forward, but in the wake of ugly response they have deleted their tweets. In the interest of respecting their decision we will not share the copy of those tweets here.
We are curious to see how events unfold, but whatever course they take we know this – that with that one tweet Meesha Shafi has sent a clear message, which is that slowly, but surely the tides are turning. The world in which a star thinks that it is ok to say the following cannot exist forever
Men, pay attention, No needs no qualifier. No means no.