What Does Mom Style Mean to You?

mom style

Growing up in the 80’s with a Punjabi mom, I was never really exposed to “mom style” in the traditional sense. My mom wore; salwar kameez on special occasions, or to the gurudwara, sweats at home, and matching floral sportswear (usually, pink pants and a floral blazer) when going out. It wasn’t until I went to high school and started taking an interest in fashion that I realized that the mainstream audience saw mom style as high waisted jeans, sneakers, and baggy sweatshirts.

Fast forward about eight years and I had my first child right in the middle of the lululemon revolution. Everywhere I looked moms wore yoga pants or sweat pants. So many women I knew in my corporate life as well dressed, and fashionable, wore their messy look like a badge of honour. The general consensus was; the more disheveled you looked, the better mother you must be. After all, you couldn’t possibly be a good mom if you were taking the time to look after yourself every day, right?

Just like everyone around me, I started dressing down after becoming a mom. For about ten months I spent my days in sweatpants and my husband’s baggy tees feeling miserable. The “baby blues” had quickly turned into post-partum depression. One afternoon I looked in the mirror and barely recognized the person I saw. At that moment something just clicked. I took a shower, got dressed in a great outfit, and threw out every pair of sweatpants I owned. And that was the start to my discovery of what mom style means to me.mom style{These days a kurti & leggings is my go-to outfit}

s a work from home mom, on any given day I can be juggling school drop-offs, meetings with clients, and play dates, so I need double-duty clothes. Although I love dressing up, my “mom wardrobe” must be comfortable, easy to move around in, and easy to put together. To create a wardrobe that works this way, you need to invest in a few key pieces that always look and feel good (even on frumpy days), decide on a basic colour palate, and then repeat the things that work.

Mom’s today have a lot on their plate. We have family, work, social, and volunteer commitments, so it’s really easy to put ourselves on the back burner. Some people may disagree with me, but I thinking getting dressed and looking good (whatever that means to you) is a part of self-care. And all moms know; when we take good care of ourselves, we take better care of our families.

So take a few minutes this week to think about what your mom style is. When you look back at family photos in 20 years, what do you want to see? I smile every time I think about my mom’s great 80’s sportswear, and love the memory of watching her get ready to take on the day.

Raj is an editor at The South Asian Buzz, and the Director of Brand Relations at The South Asian Bloggers Network. She loves to test new recipes, take on over-ambitious home decor projects, and read everything she can get her hands on.