Use the New Season to Set Personal Goals

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A new season is a great time to start fresh with your goals.

How do you hope to describe your schedule this new season? Beautifully full? Or busy and overwhelming? If you wish it were the former but it’s more like the latter, setting personal goals and freeing up time for the activities that fuel you is definitely a good idea.

Gretchen Rubin (who wrote The Happiness Project) talks about the strategy of the Clean Slate in her book Better than Before (all about habit change). She says that the strategy of a clean slate can help us launch a new habit. She says: “There’s a magic to the beginning of anything. We want to begin right, and a fresh start feels auspicious. The Strategy of the Clean Slate can help us launch a new habit with less effort.”

new season, new goals, setting new goals, personal goals, goal setting, tazim damji, the south asian buzz

Try something different this season: set your personal goals before your business, work, or other goals.The reason for this is you’ll have more energy to give to your other projects if your personal goals are given the attention they deserve. Something else to consider when setting these types of goals before others: important tasks often get overlooked as we keep ourselves “busy” with urgent tasks (they will get taken care of anyway, because they have to.)

Personal goals may include eating a healthy breakfast, going for a walk every day, keeping up with health-related appointments, or journalling at the end of the evening.

Here are 3 ways to use the new season to set your personal goals:

  1. Pair down your to-do list to just the essentials so that you have more time/energy for your personal goals.
  2. Ask yourself what you’re craving or how you want to feel in the new season. Are you craving more time with friends and family? Maybe you want to feel ease. Be sure to schedule activities that relate to those first!
  3. Figure out what methods work best for you for sticking to your personal goals. Do you need accountability? Does scheduling work well for you?

What helps you when you’re setting personal goals?


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