The One Pair of Earrings You Need for Desi Events

chand bali

chand baliThere was a time when I used to have bins full of desi jewelry – earrings, necklaces, matching sets, and bangles in every single colour. Sadly, I barely ever wore them. The truth is, I like statement jewelry and usually only wear one piece at a time. No ‘sets’ for this girl. And, I’m much more likely to wear a decorative kangan on each hand over stacked over stacked bangles. So why all the stuff?

Over the last year or so I’ve made an effort to minimize my wardrobe, and that has included paring down my desi outfits and jewelry. After a lot of back and forth and indecision, I finally got rid of all the jewelry I never wore back in November. There were very few pieces that survived the purge, and one of those items was my chand bali earrings.

To me, these earrings are the one piece that every Indian woman should have in her jewelry box. I’ve worn them with a very plain salwar kameez to add some pop, and with a heavy embroidered saree for a glamorous look. They’ve also been paired with a plain black cocktail dress for a recent event. 

My chand balis were found by mom on a trip to India, but I know you can find lots of great affordable options on Amazon & Etsy, and if you want to splurge and spend a bit more you can also find some great pieces on the Amrita Singh site. 

With wedding season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to clear out your jewelry box and make room for a few key pieces including a classic pair of chand bali earrings.