Profile: Amisha of The Jam Lab


Amisha is Lovely. Plain and simple. There is an elegance and beauty in her food photography and any small interaction with her quickly reveals that in every breathtaking photo she takes, in every recipe she lovingly crafts, there is a whole lot of genuine, lovely, Amisha. A mother of two, Amisha is a food blogger over at The Jam Lab and for all you keen foodies she also makes and sells highly reviewed Jams via her etsy store.

Amisha’s journey is a source of inspiration to us at The South Asian Buzz. She represents those kind beautiful strong women who have managed to pursue both their careers and their passions. We love following her on instagram where she constantly wows us with her beautiful creations and her insta stories where she recreates the simple dishes she grew up eating.

Without further ado, meet this wonderful woman and mother of two.

What has been the hardest part of motherhood

Amisha: There are many hard parts about motherhood, and all vary at different stages of the child’s life. When babies are young, it is physically challenging, and tiring. As they grow older, it is mentally draining sometimes to explain some things to your kids. That is one aspect of the hardships of motherhood. The other aspect is when your child is sick or hurt physically, as a parent, you are not at peace until your child is well and healthy again, playing and smiling like they usually do. That is all we yearn to see as a mother/parent. The other hard part that I am now facing is when other kids are not nice to your children for no rhyme or reason, and you cannot understand what is going on. It is hard to see your child unhappy, that is the bottom line, and it takes a lot to make them strong, and explain why certain things or certain people behave the way they do sometimes.

What part do you love the most

Amisha: Gosh, I cannot pinpoint one thing that I love the most about motherhood. There are too many! To re-iterate what I said in the previous question, seeing your child happy is the biggest joy! Seeing your child healthy and thriving in any environment is what we all, as parents yearn for. Little things like baking/cooking together in the kitchen, helping with chores, taking trips together as a family, the feeling of togetherness, and oneness is the most precious feeling that I cherish.

One example is when the teacher of your child tells you that your child helped another kid in their class because that child fell down, and stood by him the entire time. Then you know you have done something right. You know you have instilled good values. That is what makes me happy, to see them being good, compassionate human beings in the end. That is all that matters.

What is the one thing that your mom did that now amazes you

Amisha: My mom did things and told us things unconditionally for our own good without any expectation in return! And I can see it now, because that is what I feel about my kids. I tell them many things for their own good, but they do not see it, and now I see how I treated my mom when I was younger! It is the circle of life after all! What goes around, comes around.

How did you name your kids

Amisha: *Smile* My husband’s name is Raj and my name is Amisha. I wanted to name my daughter with A for sure. We had 2 names picked for her, one that I liked and one that my husband liked. I won the battle there and we named her Anishka. Anishka means one who has only friends – no enemies. We named our son Rishan. We could not come up with any good boy name that we liked, and finally a friend who was going to name her son Rishan, did not choose that name, and my husband and I, loved the name synonymously, so we picked it! And it starts with R too, matching with my husband’s name J. Rishan means good human being.

What are three words you would use to describe your mother?

Amisha: Generous, kind, lot of love to give

What are three words your kids use to describe you?

Anishka: Thoughtful, helpful, always caring

Rishan: Caring, makes fresh food, love

Reading this must have given you the warm fuzzies as it did us. We hope that this Mother’s Day Amisha is celebrated for the truly selfless woman she is!

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