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Neha Bisaria is one stylish mama. We had been ooh-ing and aah-ing over her stylish looks and her innate cool for a long time. A Chicago resident, she is a Fashion Blogger, a Personal Stylist, and now mama to a little boy. Her blog is called Mrs. Saripalli and is an anthology of some stylish looks and a charm and attitude that is admirable.

Source: Mrs Saripalli

Mamas do you remember that age? The under one, where they can’t stop moving, can’t stay away from you – well Neha is there. That makes us even more appreciative of her taking the time out to share her thoughts with us this Mother’s Day.

How did you decide on your sons name

Neha: My Son’s name is Ved. I wanted a girl and decided to name her Veda because I love this name, Inspired from a friend’s daughter. When the gender was determined and we got to know it’s a boy, we named him Ved. It means Knowledge. We thought it is perfect for him.

Before you had your son did you think you would change after being a mother? Did you?

Neha: Like everyone says, life changes after you have a baby and I assumed that it will. However, not up to this level. To be honest, my life revolves around him. #beingmom

What is the hardest part of motherhood?

Neha: Hail Mothers, like literally. Being a mom is the hardest and the best job. Hardest because you work 24×7 with no holidays.  It becomes more difficult when you have another 9 to 5. Best because you are a mom.

What part do you love the most?

Neha: I love being mom to my son Ved.

If there is something you’d want to say to other mothers what would it be?

Neha: I just want to say to all the moms out there that you are doing great. It is stressful and exhausting sometimes but everything is worth your child’s one smile. It is worth it.

That last line right there, that is the truth of motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day to Neha of Mrs. Saripalli and all you wonderful mamas doing your best and raising these precious little people.

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