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Yashy Murphy is a Toronto blogger who has embraced the journey that is motherhood in a manner that is positively inspiring. A mom with a can do attitude and deep commitment to living a full life, she lifts us up every single time we read one of her posts. They also remind us that it’s ok to have it not be all about our kids all the time. Yashy has loads of useful advice on how to raise kids that are interested and engaged in a wide range of experiences.

She and her husband are not just all talk, these two have travelled to 72 cities in 12 countries since their first was born. Yashy is mom to two kids turning 7 and 5 this year. Needless to say, the adventures continue.

You can check  Yashy’s blog out at Baby & Life or follow her on Instagram. Even better check out the Parenting to Go podcast!

Before you had kids did you think you would change after being a mother?
I expected our life to change drastically but I also knew that I wanted to maintain our hobbies and extra curricular activities (at the time it involved dining out, travelling and hanging with our friends every weekend). I knew that I was going to be given a huge responsibility and the task of raising a little human sounded daunting but I had solace in knowing that my husband, Chris, was in this with me and that we had a solid support system in place. The main changes I expected were physical and emotional but I didn’t really know what to expect.
Did you?
OF COURSE! I look back and realise that I was so immature pre-kids and yet, in some ways, really mature as well. I had ensured that we had everything and everyone we needed so that when the new addition came along, I was ready to take things in stride and bring her into our life and our ways of living. Physically I changed but it was the second pregnancy that really did a number on me. 4 years after that second delivery I’m still healing. As for emotionally, there’s so much that happens during the journey of motherhood-
it’s a constant rollercoaster.
Profile: Yashy of Baby and Life-motherhood
Photo – Yashy Murphy Instagram
How did you name your kids
With the first one I knew I wanted a Greek name, no rhyme or reason, I just did. Chris loved the idea and we took out the Iliad and read it. One name stood out, Athena, and then I started reading a Sanskrit baby name book and the name Akira jumped out. Chris was over the moon because his favourite director is named Akira and I also came to realise that the name has strong roots in Gaelic and Japanese as well. We decided to see her face until we
made a decision between those first names. When we saw her, we knew she was an Akira. We layered on a Sri Lankan middle name and because she was well past her due date, right as I was being wheeled into the OR room for an emergency C-section, I added an additional middle name because she was going to share a birthday with my maternal grandfather (who had passed away nearly 30 years ago).
With the second addition it was easier. We stuck to the A letter and came up with Apollo, keeping the Greek tradition strong. We also loved the name Dante and so that’s his middle name along with a Sri Lankan name as well.
What are three words you would use to describe your mother?
Selfless, crafty and opinionated
What are three words your kids use to describe you (ask them!)
Keep in mind the ages … 😊
Akira – work, sleep, talk (“you do all of that a lot”)
Apollo – friend, movies, beer

Thank you Yashy, mom extraordinaire, for taking out the time to chat! Want to know which fabulous mama is coming up next? Watch this space!!