Simple Straw Painting


If your kids love to paint, try this Simple Straw Painting craft that’s a little twist on one of their favourite activities, and it’s actually a little less messy!

Here is what you will need:

straw painting supplies
1. Straws – make sure you cut the straws a little so they aren’t too long and it’s easy for the kids to blow the paint through.
2. Thick white paper or canvas – You can use any paper that will hold paint or you can even buy small canvases from the dollar store.
3. Different colors of paint – Use pourable paint (we used acrylic).
4. Small bowls or containers – This is for mixing the paint and water. Empty yogurt containers are great for this.
5. Water – It will help thin out the paint and make this activity easier for younger kids.

1. Pour paint into different containers. Add a little bit of water to the paint to thin it out and make it it easy to blow with a straw.
2. Pour little blobs of paint on the canvas and let them blow and create, slowly adding more paint. (Tip: Have a talk with the kids about only blowing out of the straw, not sucking.)

Straw Painting Collage3. Once you’re done, let it dry and find the perfect spot to display your children’s works of art.

Kids showing straw painting