Spring Break Staycation Ideas


Spring Break is not too far away. If you are not planning any trips or vacations, a staycation can be a fun idea. It gives you the feeling and experience of a vacation but you don’t actually have to go anywhere. Here are some of our favourite staycation ideas.


1. Be a tourist in your own city.
Most of the time, when you live in a city, you don’t actually visit any of the the great tourist attractions that your city has to offer and that people come from miles around to see. Spring Break is a great time to venture out and be a tourist in your own city.

2. Have a spa day.
You probably don’t treat yourself that often so treat yourself to spa day staycation. Choose a spa that not only offers services but also has a pool, hot tub and sauna so that you can spend the day lounging, relaxing and getting pampered.

3. Have a Bollywood movie marathon.
Invite your family or friends over and have a Bollywood movie marathon. Bring out the pillows, blankets, popcorn and snacks for a fun weekend staycation catching up on your favourite flicks either by renting or watching them on Netflix.

4. Become a bookworm for the weekend.
You don’t need to go on a beach vacation to read some good books. Just head to your local bookstore or library and grab some good reads. Then curl up on the couch with a warm drink and have a quiet staycation just reading.

6. Stay at a hotel
Staying in a hotel in your city is a great staycation idea. It’s inexpensive but it still feels like  you’re getting away. Make sure to stay at a hotel that has a pool and other amenities to make the most of your little getaway.

6. Go camping at home
If you have kids, this is a great staycation idea. Set up a tent in your backyard or your living room, depending on the weather and have a fun weekend camping. You can grab flashlights and camping food and your children will think you are the best parents. it’ll be an adventures and an inexpensive vacation all in one.

Have you ever gone on a staycation?