Style Tricks to Steal from Twinkle Khanna


When Twinkle Khanna made her Bollywood debut in the movie Barsaat in 1996 no one could have guessed that she would be a style icon one day. On the big screen Twinkle wore gaudy, mismatched, and sometimes awful outfits. However, since marrying Akshay Khanna and settling into life as a mom, wife, interior decorator, and writer, she’s really upped her style quotient. I love her looks and have stolen the following secrets from her, and now it’s your turn!

statement necklace twinkle khanna

Statement Necklaces:
When it comes to necklaces, Twinkle Khanna goes big & bold. I love how she pairs plain and well fitted dresses with these stunning necklaces.

Figure out what works for you and repeat it:
As you can see above, Twinkle loves navy blue dresses paired with bold necklaces. This is a look I’ve seen her repeat multiple times, but it always works. I know it’s fun to create new outfits, but it’s much easier to put a certain silhouette and colour on repeat.

Dress up denim:
Jeans are such a simple and everyday wardrobe piece, but they can easily be dressed up. If you aren’t working in a corporate office or going to a black tie event but just want to look polished, dress up your denim a la Twinkle. Her dressed up denim look usually involves a cute blazer or sport jacket and we love it!

Invest in neutral Indian clothes:
If your mother is anything like mine, she’ll always push for you to by the brightest, shiniest Indian clothes. The problem with the really loud desi outfits is that they are too memorable – everyone will remember you wore them at the last wedding! Instead, take a page from Twinkle’s book and invest in some beautiful neutral kurtas that you can re-work and wear over and over again.

For bonus points:
Try mixing your new neutral kurtas with jeans, and maybe finishing the outfit with a statement necklace?