Survival Tips for Work At Home Moms


Being a work-at-home mom can be a tough gig when your kids are young. If they are with you all day, it’s difficult to get in all the work time you need.

Here are some Survival Tips for WAHM’s:

Survival Tips for Work at Home Moms:

1. Dedicated time blocks for quiet play
Pick a couple time periods out of the day that is dedicated to quiet time. It could be 9-10am or 1:30-2:00pm, but whatever time block you decide on, the kids should know that it is quiet and independent play time. They can be in their rooms, playing with toys, looking at books, colouring or even lying down. This not only gives you some time to focus, it also teaches the kids to play independently.

2. Activity boxes
Make up a box with fun new things in them that you can stock up on at the dollar store. Colouring books, little toys, activity books, crayons, puzzles, playdoh…the ideas are endless. And if they come to you because they are bored, let them pick something from the box.

3. TV time
If you are going to let them watch TV, do it while you can get some work done. Let them know they will get a specific time to watch and during that time you are not to be disturbed.

4. Take your work out of the house
This might not possible for everyone, but pack up your laptop and go work at the library or local coffee shop sometimes, and take the kids along. Encourage them to bring something to do like an activity book, iPad or colouring. It gives them a change of scenery and you can get through your emails.

5. Chores
Give the kids a list of chores to do. The chores can be really simple and even fun – like make your bed, pick up your toys, give your toy cars a car wash, dust with a sock or match the socks from the laundry. This gives the kids something to do while you get in a little work and maybe your house will be a little cleaner, too.

6. Scavenger Hunt
Send them on an indoor scavenger hunt. Draw or write a list of items they have to search for in the house and send them on their merry way. It can be a lot of fun and make sure to put some hard-to-find items on the list, too.

7. Babysitter
A couple times a week, hire a babysitter to come over to take care of the kids or have a family member play with them. This way they will be occupied and you can get some uninterrupted time for work. If you know a fellow WAHM, you can even take turns looking after each other’s kids so the other can work.