The Switch Witch – A Visit From Your Favourite Witch!


I start running in October. Time speeds up with kids’ birthdays and festivals and I don’t slow down till well after Christmas. With all this chaos my favourite time of the year starts with Thanksgiving, runs through Dussehra and Diwali till the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.

So when I first came to Canada and was introduced to Halloween I thought, “Why not?”

Over the years Halloween has become one of my favourite holidays. Costumes and giving and receiving candy all sound pretty great. My kids plan their costumes months in advance. From an orange pumpkin to Super Girl, from Nancy Drew to Hermione we’ve covered a number of role models and superheroes and vegetables! Fun, isn’t it?

That’s the essence of this holiday. Have fun and relax, smack in the middle of one of the busiest times of the year.

Celebrating Halloween in a Desi Home

The timing was perfect this year.

After the fervour of Diwali wound down, and the Rangoli was swept up to make way for the snow boots, that’s when the ghosts and scarecrows come out, along with the carved pumpkins.

Halloween Traditions, A visit from your favourite Witch | The Switch Witch Halloween Celebrations

On the evening of Halloween, my husband stays behind to hand out candy, and the kids and I head out to walk the streets of our neighbourhood. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

“Trick or Treat.”

Our neighbourhood goes all out to dress up for Halloween, and the evening progresses with fun and laughter and a few scares. The enormity of the task ahead only hits us when we return home.

Mountains of candy and chocolate and treats I know we couldn’t eat even if we tried.

That’s when a visit from my favourite witch saves the day! The Switch Witch – she’s the one I look forward to meeting every year!

A dear friend introduced us to the Switch Witch a couple of years ago, and I promise you she will save your sanity for weeks to come.

How the Switch Witch Works

Once the day is done, ask the kids to prioritize their Halloween haul.

Then bag the candy that isn’t at the top of their “favourites” list, and hang it outside the door for the Switch Witch overnight.

In the morning the candy disappears and is replaced by a small toy or book of their choice.

Just remember when you’re shopping – because you are the Switch Witch – buy something small because the excitement of Christmas is just around the corner.

Halloween Traditions, A visit from your favourite Witch | The Switch Witch

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