Tips for Keeping the Spark Alive in Your Marriage


Marriage isn’t all Bollywood movies and date nights – as much as we wish it was. Marriage takes work, a lot of work.

When you are first married, you may have many fights as you learn to live together. But it’s much easier to reconnect after those fights. Maybe it’s because you are younger, you don’t have kids and you’re at the honeymoon phase of your marriage.

As time goes on and you start a family, buy a house, and you become accustomed to each other, it can be easy to lose each other in the shuffle. You end up putting everything but each other and your relationship as the priority.


To have a happy and long lasting marriage, you need to make your relationship a priority and put in that extra effort. It may be more work, put it’s worth it.

Here are some tips on how you can keep the spark alive in your marriage.

1. Flirt with each other. You may be rusty at it, but try, it could be a lot of fun. Make each other smile, joke and flirt like you used to.

2. Talk about everything. Growing up desi we aren’t always encouraged to prioritize intimacy, talk about it or even acknowledge it. But it is an important part of marriage so have the conversation, even if you feel a bit uncomfortable at first. It’ll make a big difference.

3. Pursue individual passions. When you are out, doing things you love and enjoy, you are more fulfilled as an individual. This then brings a renewed enthusiasm for your life at home and your partner.

4. Also take an interest in each other’s interests. Even if you are opposites, making an effort to ask about what your partner really likes can help the connection in your marriage

5. Non-sexual touch and intimacy is a must. Hold hands, give hugs, rub your spouse’s shoulders, and that’s it – full stop. It doesn’t always have to lead to something else. The simplest way for your partner to remind you that you’re a priority on a busy morning is taking that extra minute for a quick hug or kiss and a “Have a great day!”