Why Your New Years Resolutions Won’t Work

How to Make New Year Resolutions

…And How to Make New Year Resolutions that Will!

2018. A New Year. You can’t help but get excited (and ambitious) and think of how much better you want to be this year. In a few weeks, you’ll feel let down as resolutions fall by the wayside and at some point it’s easier to pretend like you never made them. Sound familiar? Trust us when we say you’re not alone. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back! Here are 5 New Year Resolutions that won’t work and how to make New Year Resolutions that will!

How to Make New Year Resolutions

  1. Lose 10 pounds.

Be real, folks. 10 is such a nice round number – who doesn’t like the idea of being less round by those many pounds? But. That’s exactly the problem…it’s too generic. Fitness is always a better goal than weight loss. Focus on goals such as; walk for 20 minutes 4 times a week, take a class at the gym 3 times a week etc.  Realistically assess what’s possible and write simple, not overly ambitious, steps to get there.

Resolution to make: I will __________, ___________ times a week, for _________ minutes.

(Example: I will lose __ inches by eating more meals at home and prepping my lunches, and going to X fitness class 3 times a week)

2. Spend Less Money.

Awesome. On what? Go over your finances and figure out what your extras/weaknesses are. We are suckers for a good deal and sometimes it’s better to just walk away if the good deal is on something you don’t need. An equally good (but more fun) way to do this is identify what you need and buy only those things at whatever your mental target price is. Another alternative? Save money – you know the actual old school save and invest kind. RESP and RRSPs, we are looking at you.

Resolution to Make: I will save ____dollars for _____ by ________.

(Example: I will save X dollars for our vacation fund by not going to Winners just to browse).

3. Keep the House Clean 

A clean house sounds lovely, but to keep ours clean we would have to send everyone away, clean the whole house and not let them (and ourselves) move back in. What to target instead? Making a cleaning schedule that works for your lifestyle. Keep it simple and manageable.

Resolution to Make: I will ______ every _______ 

(Example: I will clean kitchen cabinets on Mondays or I will not go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink).

How to Make New Year Resolutions

4. Eat Better

Ok great, what does that even mean? If better to you means less carbs, then target that. Quitting sugar? Target that. Be specific in your goals and if you are truly committed to meeting them then make a meal plan that incorporates those goals. Meal plans in general are awesome and we are all about them here at The South Asian Buzz.

Resolution to make: I will eat better by ______ and make a meal plan.

(Example: I will eat better by choosing a healthy snack instead of my midday pastry pick-me-up. I will plan my snacks for the week and stick to those).

5. Spend More Time With Family

You spent the break looking at your children’s faces and as batty as they can drive you, you can’t help but feel this is all flying by too fast. You vow that this year you will just spend so so much time with them doing wonderful, meaningful things. Really bond with them you know? Our question: how? Family game nights? A winter ski trip at one of these places? Social Media free evening time? Make a real commitment.

Resolution to Make: This year we will _________.

(Example: This year we will have a family game night every Friday).

Master Tip: If you want to do this like a Boss, and you know you do, then make sure you assess monthly or quarterly how you’re doing. Write the new year resolutions down, put them up somewhere and keep monitoring your results. Pat yourself on the back for your successes, share them on Facebook and even tag us – we’d love to be your cheerleaders!

So what do you think? Are you keeping any new year resolutions this year? If so we hope that our how to make new years resolutions that work helped! Be brave and share them with us!

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how to make new years resolutions that actually work


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